Luxury console table for modern interior

Learn how to use console tables in the modern interior, previously adorned only aristocratic houses, and largest collection of luxury console table for modern interiors

Looking through the pictures, which show the interiors of castles and palaces, it is impossible not to notice the elegance of each piece of furniture that is used in them. And if today, furnished their apartments and houses, we often prefer practicality and versatility, the earlier it is valued above all beauty. But fortunately, some antique furniture successfully implemented and modern interiors. One of these items is a console table that once served as an attribute of luxury, and now is a good way to bring in the interior atmosphere of old secular interiors.

Luxury console table for modern interior
Luxury console table for modern interior

How to use console table in modern interior:

How best to use antique furniture in a modern interior such as a console, now offers its readers know "International Decor"

Console table - support for expensive items

The heyday of the console tables came in during the reign of the Sun King Louis XIV, who lived in the XVII century. XVII century went down in history as the century of Baroque art, which is inherent love for all the elegant and pretentious. It was at this time it became fashionable to decorate the interiors of various expensive statuettes, vases, bowls, paintings and mirrors in heavy frames, high candlesticks and other decorative accessories. Louis XIV was known to the world not only as king of France, but also as a notable collector items, a refined artistic performance. However, collecting a truly huge collection of beautiful things, Louis XIV faced with a problem - he could not find a decent support for his collection.

At this time, were the most popular small console table made of wood. These tables often installed near the wall, and support for them were one or two curved legs. Despite the fact that the console tables themselves looked very elegant and stylish, Louis XIV decided that they are not luxurious in order to keep them on their favorite accessories. And then he asked the court master to perform a few tables on his own project. As conceived by Louis XIV legs console tables were covered with gold, and in some tables instead of support legs were huge statues of animals.

Since a long time console tables in the interior were a sign of luxury and belonging to the aristocracy. Now some tables from the collection of Louis XIV decorate the museum halls. However, they can be seen not only in museums. Since then, they have far somewhat modified, but did not lose its elegance and perfection.

luxury console table,modern console table,console tables
Luxury console table for classic interior
luxury console table,modern console table,console tables with mirror
Luxury console table for modern interior
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Console tables in modern interiors:

If before this piece of furniture was extremely laconic, in fact, it consisted only of countertops and legs, the console table in modern style can be fitted with drawers, side tables and additional open shelves. Since modern console made of any known materials - wood, plastic, glass, artificial or natural stone, etc., it becomes harmonious object in the interior of each room.

luxury console table,modern console table,console tables with drawers
Luxury console table with drawers for modern interior
Traditionally, this type of table is used for arranging the hallway. Setting the console table in the hallway, you'll get an excellent alternative to the usual furniture and the opportunity to make room for other items. For example, depending on the material and design of the console, it can be an elegant pick hanger , basket for umbrellas, ottoman or stool. Some console hallway come with a mirror that is a table with a single ensemble.

luxury console table,modern console table,console tables
Luxury console table for modern interior
luxury console table,modern console table,console tables
Luxury console table for modern interior
However, the territory of a console table should not be limited only to the hallway. He is also a great art object guest room if using the example of Louis XIV, store a variety of statues and interior accessories. Looks very interesting console interior room where the sofa is located in the middle of the room. Setting the table right up behind the sofa, you get an additional area that can be used as a breakfast bar or shelf for flowers. Depending on the style of the interior living room, you can choose the most suitable and harmonious console. For example, wood products on elegant legs perfectly complement the classic styles, and light transparent table will not burden the living space in a minimalist style.

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console table uk
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Luxury console table for modern interior
Indispensable console and in the bedroom, because if it is equipped with drawers or shelves, it is convenient to use as a dressing table . Particularly stylish bedroom interior will look white dressing console table, which immediately give these premises grace and mystery female boudoir.

luxury console table,modern console table,mirrored console tables
Luxury mirror console table for modern interior
Also, the use of a console table is a perfect solution for design work area in any room. With its compact dimensions, desk console does not take much space, but it will be convenient not only to keep the office, but also to work on the computer. If the space for the organization of the working area sorely lacking note modern console tables corner tables or transformers that will fit even the loggia.

In addition, table-transformer type console is ideal for small kitchens. The design of this table makes it possible to complement or expand its countertop. As a result, dining kitchen console takes up a minimum of space, but if necessary it becomes so spacious that easily accommodates not only households, but also visitors.

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Luxury desk console table for modern interior
luxury console table,modern console table,console tables

Unaccustomed functionality console table:

Besides the diversity of design, models of modern cantilevers different from each other and design characteristics. For example, some of the legs can be fitted with brackets erratic rollers, whereby the product is conveniently used as a breakfast table . Also, the console may be attachable, that is secured against the wall by means of special elements.

Although console table that is primarily a design beauty of the display, and it also has enough functional piece of furniture. Picking the right model for your interior, you will effortlessly be able to bring it more bright accents.