Top 10 wooden bookshelves designs for modern interior

Do you like reading? If so, then you have certainly often asked the question, where I can Place all my books? This can be a problem if you do not have enough space in the apartment and a lot of books that you do not want to miss, of course. Then you need a practical solution for storage - wooden bookshelves.

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modern wooden bookshelves as beside table in living room
You can not only store your favorite books in the modern wooden bookshelves, but also bring a cozy and homely atmosphere to the room. If you do not know exactly how wooden bookshelves would fit in your room, you can get some wonderful ideas from our diverse photos! Be inspired by the fantastic designs!

creative wooden bookshelves in modern living room

round wooden bookshelves wall mounted

wooden bookshelves stand with metal base in ultra modern interior

black wooden bookshelves with streamlined design and white closets
black streamlined design and white closets

black wooden bookshelves for book storage and decoration
white wooden bookshelves standalone spiral design