How to plan a filling cabinet with best ideas

The best ideas and techniques on how to organize and plan a filling cabinet coupe, Filling cabinet for clothes, accessories, bags,shoes and all personal purposes

Presence in the house or apartment comfortable and well-planned storage places or sites - a pledge comfortable existence and order.

Order is only where each particular thing has its own place.
Let's try to figure out how to approach the organization of the internal filling cabinet and wardrobes. After all, this structural model of the closed cabinet is most often used in bedrooms.

The discussion will use the word " trempel " (which is not so well, but it has only one value), we mean the shoulders (they suspended hangers), in order to avoid misinterpretations.

filling cabinet, orgainzing filling cabinet, organize filling cabinet and wardrobes
How to plan a filling cabinet, Organize filling cabinet coupe
When we will talk about that reference should be personal belongings (as for children, here we use the principle of "room for growth"), it is not surprising that. After growth of a thin woman 160 cm tall (195 cm) man weighing more than 100 kg have - completely different proportions, silly standardize line and force them to use the same set of sections, if the same space they can use much more productive - but each in its own way.

At the first i suggest this below link for you:
Original storage shelves unite

So, how to design the layout of sections in the closet or filling cabinet?

filling cabinet, orgainzing filling cabinet, organize filling cabinet and wardrobes
How to plan a filling cabinet, Organize filling cabinet coupe

Italian bedspreads and bedding sets for luxury bedroom

15 designs and models of Italian bedspreads and Italian bedding sets for luxury bedroom and beds, Italian bedspread and bedding sets of different stylish fabrics

For every person is important that the conditions in which he spends his nights filled with bright dreams. It is important to not only a bed, light and interior room, an element of considerable importance, as linens online shop can offer you a variety of interesting and diverse species, Italian bedding sets and Italian bedspreads but let's look at some of the brightest and most interesting options linens.

To place holds in discreet dark colors perfect set of Italian bedding sets and bedspreads from Italian designer , which perfectly blend of light and dark shades. It should be noted that it is not white and black, and light gray, which is implemented in the pillowcases and sheets, and dark gray, which is also present in the kit as pillowcases and duvet covers. Great color perception gives this set that looks like a layered cake of dark and light cakes.

Interesting and original may look familiar to each white linen suits. Diamond duvet cover set - this white linen with a pattern of circles that intersect each other, creating an interesting pattern bedding sets or bedspread. Slightly more ornate and interesting looks of Italian bedspreads , which created a nice stitched geometric pattern in the form of squares and streaks on the pillowcases. Pretty simple, but often necessary in everyday life just a simple white lingerie set.

Interesting and practical for bed kits can become a bright and saturated pattern, Bright addition maiden bedrooms can be set. White tissue kit perfectly with striped cloth, which is dominated by shades of pink.
Generally, in the image are a lot of amazing and beautiful Italian bedding sets and stylish Italian bedspreads, but what choice - it is a matter of taste and preferences.

Italian bedspreads and bedding sets models:

At the first i suggest a stylish models of bedspreads:

Italian bedspreads, Italian bedding sets, luxury bedspreads and bedding sets
Italian bedspreads and bedding sets for luxury bedroom
Italian bedspreads, Italian bedding sets, silk bedspreads and bedding sets
Italian bedspreads and bedding sets for luxury bedroom

15 Plasterboard false ceiling designs with lighting

largest album for stylish plasterboard ceiling with lighting, plasterboard false ceiling design and excellent opportunity to combine several types of lighting in a single space: Central point (dividing the room into functional areas) and non-intrusive, which creates the right mood lighting.

plasterboard ceiling, false ceiling designs, ceiling lighting or lights
plasterboard ceiling, false ceiling designs, ceiling lighting
Plasterboard ceiling with lighting and false ceiling designs can have several levels (two or more). Each level is equipped with a specific type of illumination. This includes both the recessed downlighters and hanging on.

As seen in the photo plasterboard ceilings,false ceiling designs pictures they allow you to combine multiple light sources in a single space. For example, most often a decorative illumination on a certain perimeter of the room or the ceiling (downlights themselves is not visible). Their function is to highlighting the level of the false ceiling, under which they are embedded. The photo shows that the false ceiling designs and plasterboard ceiling, illuminated so visually become "weightless."

bedroom plasterboard ceiling, false ceiling designs, ceiling lighting
bedroom plasterboard ceiling, false ceiling designs, ceiling lighting
I suggest this album for you:
False ceiling with LED lighting ideas 2014

The functional areas (above the bed, table, sofa) use spotlights. For central light sources (chandeliers, pendant lamps, ceiling lamps) on the false ceiling of plasterboard or gypsum can be isolated niche or they are placed on the protruding island elements. To adjust the brightness of the lighting, use fixtures with a dimmer. Color levels of drywall and ceiling lighting itself depends on what mood you want to create in the room. And do not forget about the possibility of including multiple light sources at the same time or separately. Examples of lighting scenarios, see photos plasterboard ceiling and false ceiling placed in this collection.

Fashionable wall tiles for modern interior design

The latest trends for wall tiles, it's a fashionable type of ceramic wall tiles to decorate the wall in the modern interior, patterns wall tiles, modern wall tiles, wall tile designs and colors, stylish wall tiles, stylish tiles for wall, mosaic tile patterns, new wall tile models 2014 - 2015, wall tiles design

fashionable wall tiles,floral wall tiles patterns, red wall tiles
fashionable wall tiles,floral wall tiles patterns, red wall tiles

Stylish wall tiles and wall tiles patterns:

Not enough to have the most expensive tool if you do not know how to use it. The same can be said for many areas, but especially about design.

The interior design, for example, you are working with all the things that a normal person can find in stores and on the Internet, but it is not enough inspiration and vision.

That is why society invented interior design, it's great!

fashionable wall tiles,wall tiles patterns, wall tiles designs and colors
fashionable wall tiles,wall tiles patterns, wall tiles designs and colors
Fashionable wall tiles can be very diverse, as a classic, and the most unexpected options. These fashionable idea of ​​using wall tiles in the interior illustrate what I mean: you can have all the wall tiles in the world, but you will not get a nice interior, if you do not have a good and visionary design.

15 Ready made curtains and Modern curtain designs

Of course, much easier to buy ready made curtains and it is by far not a problem. see the best gallery of ready made ​​curtains and modern curtain designs, styles, colors, ideas, models

To date, carefully selected and professionally sewn curtains, decoration and are an indispensable part of the decor of any room. With them we feel protected from the outside world and enjoy the cozy atmosphere they create in the house, apartment or even in the office. Modern Curtains are harmonious completion of any interior environment.

ready made curtains, modern curtain designs, pink and black curtain
ready made curtains, modern curtain designs, pink and black curtain

Ready made curtains to decorate interior:

With their help, you can decorate any room and change its internal space. Make them look spotless and stylish, making them to be treated with the utmost care and precision. As sewing - is a complex process, it is better to do it to the professionals.

Of course, much easier to buy ready made curtains, and it is by far not a problem. Ready made ​​curtains - it's good, but it is appropriate to choose your decor is not always easy, and do not guarantee that the same will not buy your neighbors or friends. But an exclusive option for you will be curtains sewn to order. In them you will be able to realize and realize all your fantasies. On order to emphasize the characteristics of the premises and will fit perfectly into your decor. This will help our specialists. They prompt exactly which blinds you fit, help with the choice of fabric, its colors and textures. ready made curtains for any room: living room, bedroom, office, kitchen or nursery.

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Ready made curtains, modern curtain designs:

15 Attractive teen boys room decor ideas

Many attractive ideas of teen boys room decor with stylish wall decor, paints and colors combination for modern teen boys room decorating ideas and designs, how to decorate teen boys room, teen room, boys room, teen bedroom, teen boys, boys bedroom

How to decorate teen boys room:

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a teen boys room wall decor likely posters. Walls and doors with images of favorite actors, musicians and video games - it looks tempting, especially when it's a teenager's boys room decor, but there are other, more stylish ways to wall design. Perhaps something a little more original will allow you to express yourself more fashionable way.

teen boys room decor,cool boys room
Attractive teen boys room decor ideas

Teen boys room decor - strip

Stripes never go out of fashion, and maybe you should try to use the timeless approach when decorating a room of a teen boy. Maybe you can combine striped wall paints with other patterns and prints to create a dynamic form.

Best collection of Plasterboard ceiling designs and drywall

Top tips on how to use plasterboard ceiling, drywall in your interior, best catalog of plasterboard ceiling designs with drywall or suspended plasterboard ceiling, false ceiling, false ceiling designs, drop ceiling, drop ceiling designs, pop design, pop ceiling designs, suspended ceiling, led ceiling lights, hidden lighting for ceiling, plasterboard ceiling,ceiling designs, drywall, plasterboard drywall.

One only has to exert some effort and your dull white ceiling suddenly can become a real designer miracle. The unusual shape of the ceiling, its nice color, lots of highlights or recessed luminaires for sure will adorn any home. And to make such a plasterboard ceiling design can be of such a wonderful material such as drywall.

plasterboard ceiling, plasterboard drywall, false ceiling hidden led lighting
Plasterboard ceiling designs and drywall with led lighting
Plasterboard ceiling if desired, can give very different shape. This may be familiar with the ceiling perfectly flat surface, and can be ceiling, which has several tiers, built in an unusual form, having a built-in backlight.

At the first i invite you to see the previously and latest catalog of pop ceiling designs:
Exclusive catalog of pop design ceiling for modern interior

Stylish art deco bedroom designs and furniture

Art deco style is one of stylish interior design styles, so i provide art deco bedroom designs and art deco furniture for bedrooms by international designers and different ideas

Translated from the French "art deco" means "decorative art", this style in the interior is perhaps one of the richest at the scenery. It is also one of the most luxurious, richly set, graceful interiors. Art deco bedroom designs - real bohemian nooks passions shine, sparkle, gold, everything plays a lilt! In today's article, we decided to bring to your attention three bedrooms project design art deco, each of them is made by professional designers and beautiful in their own way!

Art deco bedroom designs:

The first design project bedrooms art deco made creative duo "Design & Art Interiors" - designers Alena Myshkin and Daria Lukovnikova (Moscow). This bedroom combines luxury, high style and absolute comfort!

art deco style,art deco bedroom,art deco furniture,art deco style bedroom
Stylish art deco bedroom designs and furniture

How To apply Contemporary style in the interior design

Contemporary style is one of the best and fashionable interior styles, tech how to apply the contemporary style in your interior design with pictures examples for contemporary interior design style

contemporary interior design, contemporary living room, black sofa
How To apply Contemporary style in the interior

How is the interior in the contemporary style

Modern interior for a comfortable life - that is exactly the definition conveys a sense of style Contemporary (from the English. contemporary - contemporary).

contemporary interior design, contemporary living room
How To apply Contemporary style in the interior
He appeared in the 60s of the twentieth century, based on the Scandinavian style for the production of furniture and household items that would differ convenience, affordability and functionality. Furniture designers were guided by the idea of ​​the time creating quality items with high technical performance, but with a touch of elegance.

And at a time when people with money in the interiors of their homes comply with the traditional, sometimes pretentious canons, the bulk of the population was forced to adapt small flats to modern lifestyles.
In addition, the use of expressive decor and unusual items made it possible to make housing more comfortable even in a minimalist style interior, or high-tech

The main features of Contemporary style in the interior:

  • Clarity and conciseness layouts and ease of design;
  • Integrity and comfort, functionality and availability of the obvious pieces of furniture. Create in your home interior Contemporary can anyone just showing good taste in an effort to bring an atmosphere of comfort;
  • Functional zoning premises, combined with ease of assembly in it elements of the situation;
  • Smooth surface of clear forms, proportionality lines. They are the necessary background for the interior decorative elements;
  • Accessories in the interior are few, but often ethnic and classical forms;
  • The presence of built-in and modular furniture with lots of storage compartments, drawers and shelving .

Italian charms bedrooms in classic style

Italian classic bedrooms must meet all your personal taste and quality standards, see exclusive designs of charms Italian bedrooms in classic style.

Italian bedroom, Italian bedroom furniture,classic bedroom,luxury bed
Italian charms bedrooms in classic style
Every time you meet a new morning in your bedroom decor. And from what interior you selected depends on your mood. After bedroom - it's your cozy and intimate place, which is most frequently located in the most remote areas of your home or apartment.

Decorative wall panels in the interior, latest trends

Latest and best trends in how to decorative wall panels and wall paneling in your interior, with all wall panel materials ( wood, gypsum panels, plastic, leather panels, 3d wall panels).

Decorative panels are very interesting material to create an individual and unique home styles. They are completely different both in composition and appearance. With all this, its basic function of a decorative element they perform excellently.

Decorative wall panels materials and types:

decorative wall panels, 3d wall panels,gypsum panels
decorative wall panels, 3d wall panels
Let's look at several types of decorative wall panels, and discuss where they can be used, what materials they are made of and what the visual effect is created.

Gypsum wall panels:

At the moment it is the most popular form of decorative wall panels - the so-called « 3D panel." They are made of plaster or mixing it with other materials.

Gypsum panels are strong enough, but still they should not be placed in areas subject to frequent mechanical impact - for example, in the narrow corridors.

How to DIY wall clock with your hands, 20 creative ideas

See 20 of cool and creative wall clock with own hands, and how to make wall clocks with the best diy ideas for wall clock, diy wall clocks

Whether it is for aesthetic or that we use for the organization of time, time is a customary part of the house each of us. stores find thousands of models in colorful, simple, unique, elegant, but often a particular piece costs more than we are willing to spend. Therefore, today we present some ideas that you can put yourself in practice. You only need a clock mechanism, which you can purchase in stores and various tools and accessories that will be needed depending on the model you choose to made. 

Creative wall clock diy ideas with your hands:

Cool wall Clocks "to the nines"

diy wall clock, cool wall clocks,creative wall clocks,nines clock
How to DIY wall clock with your hands

At the first i suggest this great article for wall clocks

Creative diy wall clock ideas, Clock "book head"