Green living room curtains for modern interior

Green is close to nature, so it is good to read, and good for the eyes. It looks good in a large and bright living room. Since each host itself determines its functional purpose of the living room , it is important to think about it in advance, because that is what will influence the decision on choosing the style of interior decoration and living room curtains style and color, and it will make best use of the room so that it has fully complied with its aesthetic purpose.

Modern living room curtains in green colors

white-green living room curtains for the window
Green drapery looks spectacular in the living room. Choosing living room curtains must take into account its size, including height of the ceiling and interior design, degree of illumination and the combination of the colors of the decor elements.

green modern curtains for beige living room
patterned living room curtains in green color
If your living room is small, then the best option would be green living room curtains of light shades, while the living room with high ceilings lush thick curtains over tones are more suitable. However, this is not the rule, just tips from designers. In either case requires an individual approach to the creation of green living.

turquoise living room curtains in white interior

green living room curtains combined with gray furniture

7 modern living room chair designs for 2015

Living room is a room for relaxing and socializing all members of the family, its atmosphere should bring people together and set them in a positive way. living room interior not only provides comfort but also forms an impression about the entire house and its owners, 7 of great designs of living room chairs that catch the eyes in the interior with its comfort and functionality

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comfortable living room chairs with creative designs

creative upholstered living room chair design

10 Original living room sofas for 2015

Living room sofa is the main piece of the living room furniture. Properly selected sofa provide comfortable rest and form the character of the entire living room. Therefore, this piece of furniture should be chosen very carefully. Luxury sofa would be made ​​of precious wood, and for their use upholstery leather, silk and velvet top quality.

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Unusual living room sofa designs

original living room sofa design made of wood

10 functional modern ceiling lights for all rooms

Ceiling lights or overhead lights - the most important part of the light in the interior design. Hanging chandeliers and flat lamps, spot lights, colored LED ceiling lights and lenses. With these elements you can play any lighting system and create a muted light or bright chamber ceremonial lighting.  

ceiling lighting ideas and tips

modern design of ceiling lights for living room

Modern living room design with purple stretch ceiling

Purple - the color is different. It is a complex and attractive. Create an modern living room design in purple tones is a bold decision. But if you dare, you win. Purple range is rich in features, it includes plenty of colors and shades, and as delicate and light - pale lilac, violet, lavender, and saturated and active - bright purple, fuchsia and hypnotic dark eggplant. it fits well in any modern living room designs

purple modern living room design ideas

modern living room design - purple stretch ceiling

10 Functional small living room design ideas

if you have a small living room, this article provides you with 10 functional small living room design ideas to inspire you in solving the problem
Living room is the heart of the house, the rod of the interior, the center of the composition of living space. In a city apartment, in contrast to a country house, its area is limited. In order to make the small living room design comfortable on all counts, convenient for all family members, you don't necessarily turn to the professionals.

Small living room designs and ideas

complex small living room design in modern style
Small living room design in the style of Eco-luxury is preferable to issue in gray-beige.  Furniture forms fit with natural forms, which is consistent with the selected Eco-style. Add curtains, better texture, in summer they can be linen.

Small living room design is a relative term. In Europe, for example, the term "small living room" refers to the rooms really are not too large in size. It may be 30 or 40 and 50 square meters. In the Americas, North and South, the term "small living room design" has a different scale and starts from about 100 square meters. In modern Russia, "small room" concept is also very relative. In the zero-oil, a small living room reaches in size to the North American scale. Today, when houses and apartments naturally become smaller, more economical, the term "small living room design" turned out to be a European accent. Living room in contrast to such rooms as a bedroom, nursery, bathroom, hall, has several functions: a guest room, a library, a cinema and even a dining room. Paradoxically, but the smaller the room, the more it functions! Living room, in contrast to other rooms of the apartment can be built in a completely different style than the rest of the interior of the apartment - this is its peculiarity. In contrast, private rooms, living community designed for different characters and different characters.
small living room design with breakfast bar
Small-sized living room design can also accommodate a kitchen area. However, you have to give up a large dining table and restrict the bar. Definite plus is that the owners don't leave the guests when preparing food.

small living room ideas - white room and black decorations
When making a choice of monochrome, dark curtains and accessories of the same color or the same fabric are great small living room ideas.

small living room design - functional furniture and wall designs
Interior of a small living room design in pale colors just have to be very tactile. Invoices, original lighting and designer textiles distract attention from not too large area of ​​the room. Original things, the emphasis should not be much. Enough puffs, bags and chandeliers with notes.

small living room ideas - large window and ceiling lights
loft small living room ideas: it is easily increased due to the large mirrors and large panoramic windows. On the upper floors, you need no curtains or blinds. The sky, the sun and the stars will add your small living room extra volume.

functional small living room design with stone wall
Interior of small living design in the style of modern classics never go out of fashion. Optional hang sophisticated drapes and put the palace suites. It suffices to consider two or three classical details. Focus on lamps. 

white small living room design with gray furniture

POP false ceiling designs for living room 2015

false ceiling design, suspended multilevel, painted, stretched, combined, plaster and glossy, stucco and rosettes - what would be the type of customer or ceilings gave preference, their creation requires a comprehensive approach.

False ceiling designs for living room

POP false ceiling designs from curved panels for living room

Corner bath features in the bathroom - 8 designs

Corner bath in the bathroom interior has many advantages. But its main advantage lies in the fact that it takes up much less space for the same amount or even more than the standard tubs.

Small Corner bath in the bathroom interior

decorative corner bath for small bathroom design

creative kids room design in orange-gray color combination

Energetic orange kids room design makes a positive and emotional atmosphere. It's a real eye vitamin. Basically orange is used as accents in kids room, but it can also become a base color, if the interior designer of the kids bedroom design is talented colorist. In any case, it is important to clearly observe the color proportions and orange consider compatibility with other colors. Bright orange is ideal in combination with saturated yellow, beige, mustard, purple and brown in any kids room design. A subdued orange (or terracotta) blends well with cool shades of yellow, green, chocolate, blue and khaki. A pair of orange combined with white and black creates the most spectacular contrast in a kids room. And if you combine the orange and blue, which is its complementary color, so they reinforce each other, the brightness of the interior tingle. But perhaps the most optimal pair for bright orange an the kids room design - it's gray

Orange kids room design ideas - puzzle style

creative kids room design - orange gray puzzle style

12 White bedroom designs and ideas in classic style

White classic bedroom ideas

Classic bedroom interior implies, first of all, good proportions and proportionality of all the details. That is, it is always desirable to, for example, have high ceilings. If these do not exist, you can create the illusion that they appear taller. As advised decorator Anna Muravina, "There are various classic bedroom ideas for decoration. For example, we do not border between the ceiling and the wall and paint the walls and ceiling the same color. Thus, the wall will go up at the ceiling and create a dome feeling. You can draw attention to what is inside the room.

classic bedroom ideas - combination of white furniture and brown walls

10 Modern bathroom designs and ideas in orange color

Orange - hit of the season. Of course, it is very active, and always fresh and friendly. Orange color in the modern bathroom designs can be any shade - from orange to terracotta. Consider the options. in today's article we provide you with orange modern bathroom designs and tips.

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Orange modern bathroom design ideas

modern bathroom designs  - orange bath, shelves and accessories

How to choose a Kids study desk (15 design ideas)

No kids room without the kids study desk completely. which things you should consider when buying the kids desk? that is what we discuss in this article. In addition, we show you the functional and practical furniture DEARKIDS. Let yourself be inspired!

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Tips for choosing the kids study desk

If you are just looking for a new kids study desk, then these tips will help you further:

creative kids study desk - several shelves and perfect lighting

Top 10 comfortable living room chairs by Spanish designer

Those who appreciate comfort, prefers to relax on the comfortable living room chair - no matter whether for use in the home or in the office. Unique furniture for an inspiring environment at the interface between work and private life draft one of the most sought-after designers of our time - Patricia Urquiola. Their innovative, user-oriented comfortable living room chairs  allow a relaxed posture and invite you to relax. We give now a glimpse of the most beautiful living room chairs designs of Spanish designer.

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living room chair design features

creative living room chair in minimalism interior

10 Extendable dining tables of glass, wood and plastic

The extendable dining table is modern accents in your home. Today we present glass, solid wood or wood optics dining tables in modern design. It saves space and is always ready for a party or celebration at home in advance. A few great ideas will keep you up to date what it is today sought after on the market.

modern extendable dining table made of wood

8 Luxury bed linens in galaxy style

Do you want those luxury bed linens for your own bed?
The designer Jail Betray has a series full of beautiful Galaxy bed linens and sheets that provide us a feel for a comfortable sleep under the stars. Each bed linen has high-resolution print of a swirling galaxy, cloudy mist or mystical moon. Betray offers nine different styles of luxury bed linens, all include a duvet cover, bed sheet and two pillowcases.

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Galaxy luxury bed linens for great bedroom atmosphere

galaxy luxury bed linen for space world

Top 20 suspended ceiling lights and lighting ideas

Do you want to install stylish suspended ceiling design or have one? see the best ideas for suspended ceiling lights and  new trends for suspended ceiling lighting with creative ideas, LED lighting, spotlights, backlight and downlights for modern suspended ceilings 2015

Suspended ceiling is easily recognizable due to its architectural appearance. The false ceiling can be as simple or rich, elegant or dramatic, depending on how you want to see its design. Suspended ceiling with lighting looks particularly amazing, and allows you to stand out and demonstrate their unique design.

At the first i want to suggest some of our great albums for suspended ceiling designs and suspended ceiling lighting with other articles for ceiling lights for all rooms in your home and interior designs and best lighting ideas for false ceiling too.

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Top 10 Suspended ceiling tiles and lighting for living room

modern suspended ceiling lights for living room ceiling LED lights and spotlights
modern suspended ceiling lights for living room ceiling LED lights and spotlights

Top trends for suspended ceiling lights or lighting:

Oval ceiling with lighting can be very effectively stand out, and in this case, the same design with an oval kitchen island. Illumination was used to emphasize the oval shape of the interior ceiling.

Ceiling Lighting a separate corner is quite feasible task for a suspended ceiling lighting, especially in the bedroom lighting ideas, where needed subtle light and a tranquil atmosphere.

You can still make an elegant statement with the help of a false ceiling lighting, making the center a different color than the frame. Regular lighting, chandeliers and lamps will look like in this case, is especially beautiful.

If the ceiling is very low, you can use the wall as indirect lighting. Light will be reflected on the ceiling, creating interesting visual effects, and make the room visually more spacious.

New Ikea Christmas decorations ideas 2015 for interior

New collection from IKEA 2015 for new year, see the latest Ikea Christmas decorations 2015, beautiful Ikea catalog 2015 for Christmas decorating ideas, simple Christmas decor 2015 from Ikea

New approaches in 2015 and the problem of the original decoration of houses is becoming more urgent. To this New Year remembered for a long time, it is necessary to depart from the usual jewelry, and use ideas from Ikea Christmas decor collection.

I suggest to visit the newest albums for:

New Ikea Christmas decorations 2015, new year decorating ideas from ikea catalogs
New Ikea Christmas decorations 2015, new year decorating ideas from ikea catalogs

Christmas decorations 2015 from IKEA:

In the New Year holidays and Christmas nobody don't want hung socks . Of course, it should be special socks for gifts from Santa Claus - decorated with applique, and hung on the walls or decorate fireplace mental.

Best Christmas decorations for bedroom 2015

How to decorate your bedroom for new year with gorgeous Christmas decorating ideas for bedroom 2015 and bed, best bedroom decorating ideas for Christmas decor 2015, new Christmas bedroom ideas

I have provided many great albums at our site to show you how you can decorate the home in Christmas 2015 and new year, for examples:
New Ikea Christmas decorations ideas 2015
Best Christmas decorating ideas for fireplace mantel 2015

In anticipation of the Christmas holidays to decorate the hallway and living room. However, if the interior design bedroom is styled in the same spirit with these rooms, the festive mood in the house will be greater.

Christmas garlands decorations for bedroom 2015 in new year
Christmas garlands decorations for bedroom 2015 in new year

The easiest way to create the right atmosphere - buy linens with a corresponding print. Decorative pillows, bedspreads and blankets with Christmas designs and applique support the Christmas spirit in the bedroom.

You can decorate the head of the bed with garlands and then New Year's Eve will not be so hard to part with the room where the tree. Although for those who appreciate the forest beauty, suitable option to install a small Christmas tree in the bedroom.

Cute decorative things will be relevant in this magical time. Christmas ornaments, tie up in long ribbons adorn the walls and bedroom ceiling space, and laid in a vase will decorate shelves. Candlesticks and beautiful candles will add a festive mood and romantic mood. You can take the scented candles, the most current flavors - orange, Christmas, cinnamon.

The bedroom can be arranged in traditional Christmas colors - green, red or blue. You can add a little vanilla and arrange the room in pastel colors. Golden tones just perfect for this celebration.

It is not necessary to create complex compositions. For New Year's bedroom interior fit just decoration - socks for gifts Santa Claus , tinsel, snowflakes, clocks, Christmas wreaths and different themed decorations. Beautifully decorated boxes will also be relevant during the holidays. Branches of trees themselves are wonderful decoration, besides they make subtle aroma of the New Year.

Christmas bedroom decorating ideas 2015:

Best Christmas decorating ideas for fireplace mantel 2015

How to decorate the fireplace in Christmas or new year, the best Christmas decorations 2015 for fireplaces and mantel, top tips to Christmas fireplace decorating ideas 2015, best Christmas decorating ideas for fireplace 2015, Christmas fireplace mantel decor 2015

New Year's Eve everyone is waiting for miracles and the arrival of Santa Claus. Chimes announcing the coming of a new year, ideal to meet near an open fire under the cozy crackling firewood. Children (and adults that really there to hide) love gifts that are necessarily accompany the New Year and Christmas holidays. If the home has a fireplace , the question of where to put the Christmas gifts no longer relevant. From the west came to us a beautiful tradition to put gifts in socks and stockings, which are decorated with fireplaces. This is understandable - Santa Claus comes into the house through the chimney, quickly hiding gifts in socks and flies reindeer greet other children.

At the first i suggest other Christmas decorations 2015:
New Ikea Christmas decorations ideas 2015

Christmas decorations fireplace 2015 mantel:

Christmas decorating ideas for fireplace 2015, Christmas mental fireplace for new year 2015
Christmas decorating ideas for fireplace 2015, Christmas fireplace mantel decor 2015

To create a fairy tale need an appropriate entourage. The significance of the Christmas tree has not been canceled, but the fireplace decorated with the help of fir branches, candles, garlands, Christmas socks quite worthy competitor forest beauty.

Christmas fireplace 2015- it's Christmas decorations 2015 gnomes, snowmen, tinsel, garlands ... Much of this can be done independently, and the children will be happy to help adults in the pre-decorating the house. Garlands can be done by the rows of beads, bells, cones, bows. If desired, the bumps can be painted gold or silver paint from the spray.

Christmas decorating ideas for fireplace 2015, Christmas mental fireplace for new year 2015
Christmas decorating ideas for fireplace 2015, Christmas fireplace mantel decor 2015

Fireplace need to decorate a special Christmas socks . Independently sew socks absolutely not difficult - just take pieces of cashmere, felt or other suitable material and decorate them snowflakes, reindeer figurines, snowmen and other thematic characters.

How to use red color in the interior, color combinations with red

See how to use red color in the interior home and apartment with passionate red tones, the best ideas for color combinations with red and use red in your interior design, red paint, red color combination, red furniture
how to correctly use the red color in interior design, interior design, red color in the interior, bright interior, red and white combination, red color in the interior

Red - mixed color. More precisely, it clearly evokes strong emotions and gives energy. Only this can be both positive and negative energy, and emotions can also be the opposite: love or hate.

I provided many albums and article for best red tones in the home and different rooms, so you can visit this albums bellow:

color combinations with red in the bedroom 2015, red curtains and linens
color combinations with red in the bedroom 2015, red curtains and linens

And if you use too much red in the interior , it can adversely affect the psyche. But this color is attractive, giving rise to such. In addition, it combines well with almost any other color. How can use it in the decor, while respecting the sense of proportion?

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How to choose the best color combinations and color schemes

Tips on how to add red color in your home

Most of us do not dress in red from head to toe. Why, then, do it with your walls? Think about how you would use red in the locker room and project it to the room.

In general, red is used in the design as an accent: it can be anything from lamps or candles to cushions and walls. When the room has red spots, they miraculously draw attention to other things that otherwise we hardly noticed. Task red accents - intrigue, entice, but not "hit on the head with a baton" - an effect that can cause room, fully decorated in red tones.

Way to add red to the interior to a large extent depends on the overall design style .

• Modern design combines neutral elements strokes of bold colors, such as red. For example, we can choose the door bright red. And add in bright red cushions, rug or carpet.

• Art Nouveau apply all shades of red, from basic shades to classic tones with burgundy or brown. For doors, you can choose the color of any shade. Inside is better to implement the color red through a painting or work of art.

• Traditional design tries to avoid major red flowers and applies maroon and dark red shades. Door - a deep, rich red, and inside - oriental rugs with a predominance of dark red.

• Transitional style is characterized by craving for a neutral palette - the perfect backdrop for the bright red fragments. In this case, the door is better to choose the same color as the red color that will be used inside the home or stay at the door more neutral color. Inside the red color is better to use softer, for example, red light or a work of art.

• Country style preference is given to the red color with shades of pink and purple as the color of ripening apples. Here is more appropriate to be used by small red baubles and fabric.

Red - a hot color, which in the case of "less is more", but even a small amount of red in the interior will charge your room and the house with positive energy.

Best color combinations with red:

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