Modern living room design with purple stretch ceiling

Purple - the color is different. It is a complex and attractive. Create an modern living room design in purple tones is a bold decision. But if you dare, you win. Purple range is rich in features, it includes plenty of colors and shades, and as delicate and light - pale lilac, violet, lavender, and saturated and active - bright purple, fuchsia and hypnotic dark eggplant. it fits well in any modern living room designs

purple modern living room design ideas

modern living room design - purple stretch ceiling
If you want to make your interior bright as the modern living room design below, you can use special color combinations, such as red and green or purple and orange. These color pairs are called complementary colors. When they are used in a single composition, their color intensity increases dramatically. As in this modern living room design!

modern living room design - orange futon furniture and black rug
Purple ceiling, orange futon furniture, black rug, wall and ceiling lights, crystal chandeliers and glass coffee table make this colorful and bright modern living room interior design

modern living room design - creative chandelier and lighting system