10 Functional small living room design ideas

if you have a small living room, this article provides you with 10 functional small living room design ideas to inspire you in solving the problem
Living room is the heart of the house, the rod of the interior, the center of the composition of living space. In a city apartment, in contrast to a country house, its area is limited. In order to make the small living room design comfortable on all counts, convenient for all family members, you don't necessarily turn to the professionals.

Small living room designs and ideas

complex small living room design in modern style
Small living room design in the style of Eco-luxury is preferable to issue in gray-beige.  Furniture forms fit with natural forms, which is consistent with the selected Eco-style. Add curtains, better texture, in summer they can be linen.

Small living room design is a relative term. In Europe, for example, the term "small living room" refers to the rooms really are not too large in size. It may be 30 or 40 and 50 square meters. In the Americas, North and South, the term "small living room design" has a different scale and starts from about 100 square meters. In modern Russia, "small room" concept is also very relative. In the zero-oil, a small living room reaches in size to the North American scale. Today, when houses and apartments naturally become smaller, more economical, the term "small living room design" turned out to be a European accent. Living room in contrast to such rooms as a bedroom, nursery, bathroom, hall, has several functions: a guest room, a library, a cinema and even a dining room. Paradoxically, but the smaller the room, the more it functions! Living room, in contrast to other rooms of the apartment can be built in a completely different style than the rest of the interior of the apartment - this is its peculiarity. In contrast, private rooms, living community designed for different characters and different characters.
small living room design with breakfast bar
Small-sized living room design can also accommodate a kitchen area. However, you have to give up a large dining table and restrict the bar. Definite plus is that the owners don't leave the guests when preparing food.

small living room ideas - white room and black decorations
When making a choice of monochrome, dark curtains and accessories of the same color or the same fabric are great small living room ideas.

small living room design - functional furniture and wall designs
Interior of a small living room design in pale colors just have to be very tactile. Invoices, original lighting and designer textiles distract attention from not too large area of ​​the room. Original things, the emphasis should not be much. Enough puffs, bags and chandeliers with notes.

small living room ideas - large window and ceiling lights
loft small living room ideas: it is easily increased due to the large mirrors and large panoramic windows. On the upper floors, you need no curtains or blinds. The sky, the sun and the stars will add your small living room extra volume.

functional small living room design with stone wall
Interior of small living design in the style of modern classics never go out of fashion. Optional hang sophisticated drapes and put the palace suites. It suffices to consider two or three classical details. Focus on lamps. 

white small living room design with gray furniture