15 Modern kitchen curtains ideas and tips 2017

15 modern curtain designs 2017, ideas and tips for choosing the modern kitchen curtains fabrics and types the fit your kitchen interior.

By choosing fabric for Modern kitchen curtains, First of all, pay attention to the material resistance to the types of stains and color quality fabrics , and its color should not fade or quickly fade by the sun rays. Nowadays, interior textiles made with special dust and dirt-repellent impregnation

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How to choose the color of modern kitchen curtains?

Modern kitchen curtains ideas 2017
modern kitchen curtains made of one layer of fabrics
There are no strict rules governing the choice of color shades of modern kitchen curtains, but there are options.
For the thrifty housewives it's recommended to choose the color of curtains  in the same color of the furniture  and wallpaper. Curtains - this is the element of the decor, which allows for a minimum of effort and cost to change the appearance of the premises at any time.

Modern kitchen curtains ideas 2017
simple modern kitchen curtains - transparent blue fabrics
Modern kitchen curtains ideas 2017
modern kitchen curtains in the same color of the furniture
Kitchen in our homes has a very limited area, so the color of kitchen curtains plays an important role in the interior - bright light curtains can significantly expand the space, create a sense of light and peace. In this case, the perfect solution could be modern curtains in the color of the walls . Choose the best one-color curtain with a large ornament - patterned curtain creates a feeling of untidiness. curtains in a large strip, with cell, or flowers will look like Smart

Modern kitchen curtains ideas 2017
simple kitchen curtains ideas
As we have noted, the kitchen is usually a small size room, where everything located is very compact, so it is not recommended to choose modern kitchen curtains or drapes in dark colors with bright and large pictures. Such a design will visually reduce the space of the kitchen. Nothing should be annoying to oppress and create a feeling of anxiety, so the ideal for kitchen curtains is warm colors, but not too bright and rich colors - on the contrary, a little blurry - peach, green, terracotta, cream, strawberry - they cheer up in the morning and give a sense of comfort and tranquility,
harmony after a busy day.

Modern kitchen curtains ideas 2017
modern kitchen curtains - cornice with simple ornaments

What type of kitchen curtains to choose? 

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Modern kitchen curtains ideas 2017
kitchen curtains types - combination of classic curtains and roman blinds
Modern kitchen curtains ideas 2017
beige brown roman blinds for kitchen
Modern kitchen curtains ideas 2017
modern kitchen roman blinds with creative opening system
Fans of all the most modern, it is worth paying a look at Roman blinds , which, because of its simplicity and ease of style, give the kitchen maximum functionality. Therefore, we recommend that you use roman blinds in the kitchen.

They are simple, elegant and well combined with kitchen curtains or drapes, so you can use them in a completely different style of interior. Selected special cornice, which is attached to the ceiling, the wall or directly on the window plastic frame. Given the structural features of the height of the eaves can be adjusted as appropriate curtains. Roman blinds assumes economical consumption of tissue and ease of care. 

Modern kitchen curtains ideas 2017
Japanese kitchen curtains for large window
The next type of modern kitchen curtains, the kitchen corresponding functional requirements - a  Japanese panel . Currently, they are at the peak of popularity: simple, practical, modern and look great in ethnic and minimalist interior. By design, Japanese kitchen curtains partly resemble vertical blinds.

They are straight out of the fabric width from 0.4 to 0.8 m and a height equal to the distance from the eaves to the floor. The ability to set multiple panels, different in color and texture, will give zest to any interior allow to play with light and visually increase the space.
Japanese kitchen curtains are ideal for decorating large window openings, as well as a screen-partition separating the room into several zones. Their advantage is the economical consumption of tissue, ease of installation and ease of care.