Wooden staircase types and design features

Wooden staircase - an essential attribute of a two-story or attic house, furnished in country style, classic, or, say, Provence.

Wooden stairway in a private home
Wooden staircase types and design features

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What are the wooden stairs and what are the different features of their species?

 By construction, concrete slabs stairs are divided into:
  • FLOATING - consisting of several flights of stairs;
  • Screw (circular) - without division marches,
  • combined - is a hybrid of the first two types.
Depending on availability of stair treads are open or closed. First treads do not have and consist only of the risers. In the second, there are those, and others.

Another classification divides stairs to species by the method of mounting the steps. According to her for fixing steps may be used:
  • beam-stringers supporting risers below;
  • bowstring, fixing ends risers and treads;
  • supporting columns - axial beams, which are attached to the inner parts of the steps.
The most widespread of these ways to get fixed on the Saddle. What is meant by "stringers"?

In the construction of the so-called beam serving as support for the riser boards. Stringers may have triangular recesses, and may be completely smooth. In the first case the risers are laid in recesses in the second - are mounted on top of the wooden bars (grasshoppers), which in turn is attached to the upper edges of the beams.

Fixing on the string assumes samples on the inside of poles or fences. Elements of steps - risers and treads - inserted in the ends of these samples and they are rigidly fixed.

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Wooden staircase to the summer house
Wooden staircase to the summer house

Wooden staircase designs :

Marching design wooden staircase suggests the presence of several rotary platforms. Depending on the angle of rotation distinguish stair:
  • quarter turn - with rotation angle 90 degrees;
  • in a half-turn - turn 180 degrees.
  • ease of manufacturing - design build marching afford even a novice;
  • high degree of security - falling on them are extremely rare.
  • high consumption of materials - such facilities is massive, and therefore more expensive screw;
  • bulky design - march wooden staircase takes quite a lot of space.

Spiral wooden staircase

Spiral wooden staircase to the attic
Spiral wooden staircase to the attic
Design wooden spiral staircase to the second floor or attic implies a mid reference column. As the latter can be used:
  • axial beam;
  • masonry;
  • wide ends of the individual risers.
Spiral staircases are usually provided with fencing. Another feature of such structures - wedge (winder), the form of steps. Narrow ends are fixed on the domestic stage column, based on the broad perimeter wall or inserted into the sample bent bowstrings.

Wooden spiral staircase on the string on the second floor

Advantages of spiral Wooden staircase :

  • aesthetics - they look impressive and stylish;
  • relatively low price - spiral wooden staircase costs on average cheaper march;
  • small size - screw facilities occupy a small area.
  • manufacturing complexity - a spiral staircase with his hands not build;
  • increased traumatic - it can go down, only holding on to the railing.
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