Installation drywall and plasterboard ceiling

How to Install drywall ceiling and plasterboard Ceiling with latest technology installation drywall ceiling
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How to make a plasterboard

There are all new and new building materials and plasterboard ceilings continue to occupy a leading position among the "dry" methods of the inner lining of premises.
Obvious advantages of this method is:
  • fairly low cost coating materials;
  • pretty easy to install (do not take into account the multi-level ceilings bizarre shapes);
  • operational properties (surface easily leveled, has a good sound and heat insulation);
  • durability;
  • There are great opportunities for design.

Installation of drywall ceiling begins with building and installing a suspended frame fastening drywall panels on it, and the final (final) finishing the ceiling.

Installation drywall and plasterboard ceiling

The main materials for making false ceiling are drywall metal profile and having a different thickness and the degree of water resistance, still use screws and dowels construction. And to the ceiling is not slack, use hangers.

Technology installation of plasterboard ceiling :

consists of several stages:

  • Mark out the level of the ceiling, which mark the line on the wall fixing points of the guide profile.
  • Establish guiding profile along the scribe line. Installation is made dowels and screws, mounting step of 30-40 cm
  • Mount rack profiles using screws to mount step in 50-60 cm
  • Attach hangers. Availability hangers attached to the ceiling, prevents sagging plaster ceiling paintings. Sagging ceiling, enough that outwardly looks ugly, can contribute to the emergence of cracks in it, and cause the collapse of the entire structure.
  • Mounted transverse profiles. Installation steps produce 55-65 cm transverse profiles and guides interconnected special fasteners - "crabs."
  • Attach the drywall to the frame.  plate and cut to the desired length. Then perform the assembling of these plates to the profiles. Fixing screws produce, and we must carefully be recessed into the thickness of drywall around 1.5 mm.
  • Sealed seams low. This operation is performed using a filler, and a reinforcing mesh. Best suited for this purpose, a thin glass cloth mesh, looking like a medical bandage.
  • And, finally, produce home decoration ceiling. On the type of finishing depends on the method of its application. If you decide to paint the ceiling of plasterboard, then, as a rule, should first apply a primer. If we wallpaper paste over drywall, the subsequent application of final coating technology is determined by the color, density and texture of wallpaper. In some cases, directly to the wallpaper paste sometimes required to cover the surface layer of primer or paint over drywall.

Installation of drywall ceiling can be made independently, it is the envy of your skills and degree of difficulty, performed construction. If construction skills enough, involve experts. But in self-installing ceiling plasterboard still need an assistant.

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