fashionable style of modern bathroom interior design

Successful design of the standard modern bathroom interior design should combine practicality and beauty. Professional designers to achieve this purpose, decorative styles, the test of time.

Some of them, for example, contemporary style, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere emphasized clean lines and elegant functionality. A French boudoir style brings the spirit of the past era space and elegance of Paris. If you prefer another popular style - Italian rustic, you will need a chest of drawers, looking as if he had created the old Italian master. Fashionable styles interior of modern bathroom

modern bathroom interior design fashionable style
modern bathroom interior design fashionable style

But whatever may be the subject of design  bathroom , it should provide an opportunity to relax and cozy comfort pamper tired body in the hot tub or shower.

modern bathroom interior design fashionable style

Modern bathroom interior design :

Modern style . Create a balance between the straight lines of contemporary style and atmosphere of the spa. Walls decorated with light colors, and mounted (attached to the wall) dressing table cherry wood will be reminded of the luxury spa ... visit - How to turn bathroom into Spa

Round mirror in a stainless steel frame will contrast with the straight lines of the dressing table and cabinet for towels. Smooth rounded lines elongated wall-hung WC complete modern bathroom design.

modern bathroom interior design french style
french bathroom with striped curtain
French boudoir style . French fashion trendsetter Coco Chanel would have felt completely out of place among the classic elegance of French boudoir style. From strict but luxurious window draperies of pale turquoise damask with gold accent details to chandeliers with crystal pendants, this bathroom is the epitome of French decorative style. Round sink on pedestal with hand painted flowers on the bowl, along with antique claw-foot tub in the form of animal's paws, emphasize the ancient atmosphere of the bathroom.

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Italian rustic style . Detached dresser, where you will be storing towels and other accessories should look as though it has created many centuries ago, wood master of a small Italian village. Different simple rustic Italian style combines functionality and beauty with warmth rustic decor. Rich shades of red and orange on a decorated Venetian decorative plaster walls make even brighter natural wood dressing table, dresser or cabinet.
Cottage style . Experts call the cottage style one of the most popular destinations in the bathroom design. Cozy modern interior bathroom for those who seek comfort with minimum effort. Specific details of the decor: antique mirror in a silver frame, straight shape on a pedestal sink, light neutral shades for the walls. Simple wardrobe or chest of drawers pale blue in the corner will keep towels and bath accessories.

modern bathroom with ceiling interior design

Classic, elegant style . Typical architectural details include wooden dressing table with sink and wooden bath in the same style. Light wood rubbed in places grooves means for aging wood walnut color to enhance the beauty of the furniture. Cabinet of the same tree can be hung above the mirror to keep there towels and accessories.

Put the bench with quilted upholstery, which can take to dry after a relaxing bath. Marble floor tiles and marble countertop perfectly with wooden furniture. Elegant wall sconces complete interior. This bathroom will radiate luxury.

Modern bathroom interior design photos:

modern bathroom interior design minimalist style

modern bathroom interior design art deco style

modern bathroom interior design fashionable style

modern bathroom interior design high-tech style

I hope you like this article about modern bathroom designs and get your prefer style on this bathrooms