Stained Glass in the interior - Top trends and designs

Do you want to use stained glass in the interior ? we learn you great ideas and trends to use stained glass art in your home, how to make and choose stained glass patterns, colors, designs and where you can use it in the interior

Stained Glass in the interior, stained glass windowSunlight pouring through the colorful stained glass window - this will agree, a stunner. Stained associated with ostentation and even monumental, as stained glass window panels adorn most building museums and temples. So many people believe that the stained glass windows in the interior of an apartment house is not the place. In addition, it is assumed that the stained glass - it is very expensive and obviously not designed for the average interior.

However, the one and the other is not quite right. It should say that stained glass in the interior of an apartment house was used in the 19th century, when fashion entered the modern style. As for the cost of stained glass, modern technology will significantly reduce the cost of their production, which, of course, affected the price. Stained glass - it is not that luxury these days, as you might think.

Stained glass types depending on the manufacturing technique

Classic stained glass:

clear glass pieces, carved in a pattern bonded to broach (partition) of the metal. In broaching the junction soldered. Obtained unitary structure of glass and metal, the metal is not only a framework, but also forms the contour line drawing. This technique has changed little since the Middle Ages.

Called classical and stained glass made in the Tiffany technique. The peculiarity of this technology is that glass is used for bonding the copper foil. Stained glass pattern is a more light, elegant, and the contour - thin. Tiffany technique allows the use of small glass, stained glass obtained so delicate.

Stained glass Paint:

 the glass surface, solid or assembled from fragments, painted applied transparent colors.

Stained glass film:

the glass surface is glued with special color film with an adhesive backing.

Stained Glass Sandblasting :

 Stained Glass consists of a group of glass, sandblasted.

Stained Glass mosaic: Stained Glass has a usually geometric construction. It is made ​​up of substantially identical modules, on the size, which can be pre-treated by one of the techniques.

stained glass fusing:

a stained glass window created by baking colored glass fragments or by inclusion of foreign elements in the glass .

Take a clear glass pattern drawn on it, on which lay several layers of colored glass fragments. The composition is then placed in an oven heated to a certain temperature. In the furnace, all the layers are sintered and become one.

Stained glass etched:

the basis is the ability of hydrofluoric acid to destroy the glass. Using special stencils to protect the glass from breaking, craftsmen create deep contours drawings of any complexity.

And that's not all the techniques of creating modern stained glass ! There are other interesting and original techniques. Thus, all the stained glass windows and stained glass panels are very different, and their price will vary greatly.

Stained Glass in the interior :

Interestingly, the stained glass, originally invented by man to fill the window openings, today rarely performs its main function. Much more popular variety of decorative elements of stained glass in the interior. First of all, it's a variety of accessories, manufactured using stained glass for example, boxes, lamp shades lamps , screens, etc.

antique stained glass, stained glass in the interiorstained glass lamp, stained glass in the interior

stained glass table lamp, stained glass in the interiorstained glass wall lamp, stained glass in the interior

Stained glass doors :

stained glass doors, stained glass in the interiorBecoming increasingly popular with stained glass doors . Actually, today is very common selling interior doors with a variety of glass inserts. Different processing techniques to turn ordinary glass interior doors in a work of art and an elegant interior decoration.

Stained glass doors for maximum protection (eg through technology triplex), and although they look very fragile, really worry about their reliability is not necessary.

Interior doors with stained glass create stunning effects associated with the play of light. In addition, they set the tone throughout the interior, making it the one hand sulky, and with another - parade.

In the interior, where the stained-glass windows are used, especially interior (whether doors or partitions), is in a certain mystique. Still, the association with gothic churches and ancient museums are felt.

I suggest this article for American stained glass doors in the interior

stained glass doors, stained glass in the interior

Stained glass partitions in the interior :

Stained glass partitions are less common than interior doors with stained glass panels, however, this design method is also of increasing interest.

Stained glass partition , as well as any glass walls is easy, even air. This is especially important when the goal is not to isolate the space from one another, but only to separate them. First, due to the transparency partition if space flow into one another. Second, the "two-sidedness" of such partitions makes both common element space.

stained glass partition, stained glass in the interiorstained glass partition, stained glass in the interior

stained glass partition, stained glass in the interiorLook great stained partitions in the spacious rooms filled with light - both natural and artificial. Stained glass partitions day itself passed through a soft colored light, and in the evening, when lighted lamps, bulkhead itself becomes a kind of " lighting device " pouring light in a dark space.

stained glass partition, stained glass in the interior

Stained glass screen-partition

Stained Glass in the interior - furniture :

stained glass doors for kitchen cabinetsSo lovely and unusual pieces of furniture with stained glass . For example, the stained glass can be showcases for the living room or insertion into the facades of kitchen furniture . Support stained glass theme could and should be stained accessories: lamps, decorative objects (such as vases), chandelier, etc. Can be stained glass doors and wardrobes.

Stained Glass wall ( art, hanging, sconce):

stained glass painting or stained glass panels :

No practical functions of these elements are not, but are a bright interior decoration . Stained glass patterns suitable for spacious hallways, lobby, lounge, formal dining room. Stained glass paintings and panels are usually made ​​to order for a specific interior , so it fit perfectly into the theme, making the room a festive, elegant.

stained glass wall decor and art

Stained glass for niches and other complex structures

stained glass wall decor and art paintingDifferent niches and ledges are still relevant. However, the bulk of the wall constructions drywall, plywood, etc. become so common that it is difficult to surprise someone has their design.

Forms are repeated, but the use of unusual materials allows you to create something extraordinary. Help in this, and stained glass windows. Interior walls can close niches stained screen, behind which is equipped with lights. Stained glass niche through which light pours capable impress.

Stained Glass ceiling in the interior:

Several centuries ago in Europe were popular stained glass ceiling light, which not only decorated the rooms of theaters, museums and expensive restaurants, but also homes. However, afford such a luxury only the rich could.

Today it is fun too is not the cheapest, but it is quite affordable, especially if we are not talking about Tiffany stained glass windows. There is good ceiling structures (frames), allowing the ceiling to keep the sheets from almost any material: metal, wood, mirrors and, of course, glass.

For the manufacture of stained glass ceilings are most commonly used film or multilayer painted. In fact, it's just a glass ceilings painted, but what is the effect! Of course, the apartment is fully stained glass ceiling does not always fit into the interior, but a very small original look with stained glass ceiling structures. Between the base and suspended ceiling design, of course, highly desirable to mount lighting to stained revealed in all its glory.

stained glass ceiling, stained glass in the interior
stained glass ceiling, stained glass in the interior

Color and style of stained glass in the interior: how to choose:

You can choose any stained glass patterns, stained glass designs and any subject. Somebody prefers plot stained glass in the interior for home or even a religious theme. Of course, these are only relevant stained glass in the luxurious interiors in the Art Nouveau , Neo-Gothic, etc.

Recess frequently chosen subjects with realistic landscape mountains, ocean beaches, a rainbow sky.

Especially popular for interiors of residential homes with stained glass floral theme that repeats motifs from old projects of the late 19th - early 20th century Art Nouveau. Such floral stained glass will look great in the interior in the style of Art Nouveau, Art Deco , neo-classical, avant-garde.

stained glass panels, stained glass in the interior

Interior in Art Nouveau style (modern)

Stained glass window in the interiors:

stained glass window, stained glass in the interiorstained glass window, stained glass in the interior

Classic style stained glass Tiffany technique:

suitable for almost any interior style, except maybe the ultramodern, minimalist , skilful.

Stained glass In modern interiors:

 you can use stained glass that made ​​by one of the newest technologies, with geometric patterns and story painted on a suitable topic (eg, urban scene).

Choosing stained interior, one must consider not only the style of the room, but the predominant colors. Should refer to those colors that are present in furniture, decor, textiles, stained glass window that is not too out of the general picture.

Stained Glass in the interior: public spaces appropriate?

stained glass in bathroom interior Stained glass in the bathroom:

it is fashionable today. Stained glass doors and shelves make bathroom furniture. Can also be found in stores and stained bath accessories. If the bathroom has a window, it often makes it stained. Well, if the window is not present, create stained trim window with backlight.

Stained glass windows in the living room:

stained glass window for living room interioraccording to many, the most appropriate. You can make stained glass put storefront door with stained glass, stained glass screen order for the fireplace. Stained glass decorative painting will become the dominant subject. Of course, do not use too many stained items in the same room - combine two or three items would be sufficient.

stained glass window for dining room interior
stained glass window for dining room interior
Stained glass window in the dining room makes it elegant

Stained glass in the kitchen :

You can use the stained glass doors kitchen cabinets : it is, as has already been said, stained glass inserts in kitchen facades, stained glass chandelier and sconces, ceiling construction.

stained glass kitchen cabinet doors
Kitchen in retro style grunge

Can I make stained glass their hands?

The small size of the stained fabric can be made of small colored glass. Of glass pieces to fold pattern, then weld them tin using "frame", ie for connecting glass pieces, lead wire.

The easiest way to make a home using contour drawing dark nitro and fill contours and the rest of the space - special stained glass paint. Take for better stained glass textured glass.

Special paints for painting on glass can be painted windows and mirrors. To do this you need stencils, brushes, paint and a little patience. Glasses should be removed and put on a flat surface - only in this case it is possible to get a neat painting.

If you want to make a painting on the windows already installed, it is better to use special adhesive film for stained glass (British technology). Produced translucent colored stickers, so even the most cut ornament will not.

stained glass for children, stained glass in the interior designBut for the children's classes have creative kits - plastic stencils for stained glass with clear dented or bulging contours, which are filled with stained glass paints safe. Arranging suitable stencils, you can make stained window in the nursery.

These stained glass windows for large surfaces constituting elements of interior design, of course, is to book with professionals, the benefit of our country now a lot of stained glass workshops, using a variety of techniques from classical art Tiffany and fusing to wholeness painting on glass.