Transforming Furniture for small apartments 2015, 11 modern ideas

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Today i write about transforming furniture 2015 for small apartments and space saving furniture 2014 for small spaces with modern ideas and creative designs of transforming furniture ideas and modern space saving ideas 2015.

Transforming Furniture for small apartments 2014, space saving furniture
If you have a small or even more so a small apartment, you probably encountered the problem of rational use of space, namely how to make the most precious living space functional. A good way out of this situation - furniture-transformer. Now designers and furniture offer a variety of home not only comfortable but also stylish options for such a plan.

Transforming furniture and space saving furniture 2014:

1. bed, hiding in the closet - not a new solution for a small space and small apartments, but in this case, the designers offer of transforming furniture to create a coherent composition unusually harmonious and stylish connecting to microscopic area, which is hardly enough for the hall, the whole two rooms : office and bedroom. it's one of stylish space saving furniture for small apartments

transforming bed for small apartments
2.  Flick of the wrist with a two seats mounted coffee table converts into a sofa with the usual coffee table for a company of 5 persons.

transforming sofa 2014
3.  And in this embodiment the bed, not only is hidden in the wall, but is transformed into a table . Especially convenient for people working at home. transforming furniture and space saving furniture for small apartments 2014

4.  All have become accustomed to the fact that sofas can be spread on the principle of converting books and so to bed. But this you just have not seen yet: sofa turns into a bunk bed ! The ideal solution for a family with two kids. transforming furniture for small spaces 2014

orange sofa bed for living room
5. Very stylish solution: two chairs in the form of coffee cups can be easily converted into a coffee table. 

black chair in coffee cups form

6. connected to this transforming furniture for bedroom and an office , and transform you do not have to. Your workplace - you directly overhead, literally. Perhaps the owners of such furniture dream brilliant ideas work, who knows?

7.  If you suddenly come to visit, you can instantly double the number of chairs. How? With the help here so interesting design decision: one seat is the holster for another . The rest of the time when you do not need so many seats, the space is not cluttered. 

8. If you loved as a child constructor Lego, but in adulthood became the proud owner of a very small apartment, this transforming furniture is just made ​​for you. This, at first glance, an ordinary box with different drawers combines as many as four rooms : living room, bedroom, kitchen and even a library! With multiple shelves. 

9. New York designer decided to put together the original experiment and transforming dining table with a sofa . Came out pretty good, and most importantly - functionally. it one of stylish space saving furniture for small apartments 2014.

10. This tabletop - a bunch of hidden compartments, shelves and drawers . If you like to have everything in its place and it is advisable not mean you have to buy just such space saving furniture 2014. 

11. Even in a medium-sized apartment living is not always room for a dining table. In addition, he looks there is not very harmonious, recalling the Soviet era. Another thing - the coffee table, he just created for this room. But when guests come, do not always have the opportunity (and desire) to place them at the kitchen table. Then come to the aid here is a coffee table, which is very easily turned into a dining table . transforming furniture for small apartments 2014