Top 10 fashion types of curtains 2015 for window coverings

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Types of Curtains not only make the house more comfortable and stress the chosen style of the interior, but also create the atmosphere of the house - a respectable or reckless, creative or romantic.

In addition to the main function of curtains types - protection from too bright daylight or from prying eyes in the dark. They have several important appointments. Thanks to a matching types of curtains 2015 can visually change the shape of the windows, the ceiling height, raze small surface defects or make the room more spacious.

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 Curtain designs
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Classic curtains is always in fashion:

Traditional classic curtains gained popularity due to the possibility of using virtually any style of interior. They blend harmoniously into the design of the room and, with skillful game with a color palette, do not pull a stand out. These curtains can be as simple as a web-curtains or draperies decorated complex, with or without grabs. With lambrequins and cords or ribbons on the circuit. Typically, classic curtains - it's straight sliding curtains in conjunction with tulle. They are inexpensive, but they can be designed in compliance with the fashion trends. For example, designers often have to use a combination of these with Roman blinds, pleated or French. And add to the overall look of curtains touch the selected style. The main emphasis is made in the classic curtains on the fabric, it can be the most unusual textures or colors. Apply silk, velvet, brocade, velvet, moire, tapestry and jacquard.

If you like this type of curtains, classic curtains to decorative windows i suggest this link for you :

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Among the modern kinds and types of curtains are the most popular classic curtains on loops of the finishing of the fabric or on Eyelets - large metal rings, curtain, with an overlap of the pickup and direct curtains with swags. But whatever they were, to be sure in the main - the classics curtains are always in style. 

Roman Shades , Fashion types of curtains:

Flat roman shades embody the elegance and simplicity. They are made of organza, silk or taffeta. Often use flax. In the expanded form - is a direct canvas, closes the window opening, and with the rise of horizontal folds of curtains are obtained thanks to a rigid insert and weighting materials. Special cornice with lifting units to which is attached the canvas, sometimes Korobovy or rotary-lift. And you can not manage it simply pulling on the rope, and with the remote control. Roman shades are appropriate in any environment, they often hang in children's rooms and bedrooms. That's only if you live on the lower floors or in a residential area of ​​the metropolis, where the neighbor's window "look" for your apartment with indecent distance, in addition to the strip of thick fabric roman blinds under it hang another tulle fabric.
There are one of the best collection of Roman shades at one of our friend blog at this below link:

Roman shades 2015, fashion types of curtains for window coverings 2015

French curtains, Fashion types of curtains :

French country curtains or "curtains with scalloped" represent the whole canvas fabric gathered into a plurality of folds in the vertical and horizontal direction on a lifting belt. These type of curtains are always bomber - and in the raised and lowered position and look elegant and festive. They completely cover the window and the side can not be sundered. French curtains 2015 can often be seen in theaters and aristocratic estates, museums. They are suitable for a classic interior, as exponents of elegance and grace. They are made of transparent light tulle pastel colored muslin, silk, smooth texture, more importantly, the fabric was elastic and air-to drape neatly lay smooth folds. And do not skimp on the fabric, in violation of the coefficient of the assembly, the desired effect is simply lost.
You can see the stylish design of this type of curtains at French curtain in classic style for living room.

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Austrian blinds and fashion types of curtains:

Austrian blinds or Austrian curtains are a hybrid of Roman and French curtains. It is a flat strip of fabric with ruffles at the bottom of which add up to a rise in graceful undulating folds. Omitted same curtains only keep a few soft folds along the bottom edge. The most elegant designs are created from taffeta, moire, satin, silk or organza. For the design of the windows in the kitchen is the calico, cotton or calico. A linen use is undesirable, it is rude and will be "weighted" box. Austrian blinds are good for living with a minimal amount of furniture, then the windows and curtains act as an important part of the interior. Romance and lightness give such curtains for bedroom. 

Austrian curtains classic, fashion types of curtains for window coverings 2015
Austrian curtains designs, fashion types of curtains for window coverings 2015

Japanese curtains for window coverings:

In a world where information flows an endless stream, you want simplicity and minimalism - use in the interior of the Japanese curtains. Especially as oriental design (not to be confused with the Arabic!) Is at the peak of popularity. Japanese curtains are narrow rectangular canvases that guides fixed on the aluminum cornice. Such curtains panels can be moved in any direction, allowing you to change the design of the room. Japanese curtains reminiscent of a screen or partition and do an excellent job with the function of zoning areas. And if you use a different color and density of the "screen", you can not only control the level of lighting in the room, but also to change the image of the room, depending on your mood. 
I have provided one of largest album of the Japanese curtains, so you can visit it from:

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Bamboo curtains for window coverings 2015:

Bamboo curtains is one of top fashion types of curtains 2015, Bamboo curtains will create not only a refined oriental interior, but also complement the interior in the style of Art Nouveau, or else emphasize the atmosphere of elegance and simplicity, eco-style. 

Paintings of bamboo blinds and vertical blinds are made up of filaments held together by patterned bamboo strips going up and folds flat with a special cord. They are unique in the combination of lightness, durability and environmental friendliness. The modern design of bamboo on top top of the window decoration.

bamboo curtains, fashion types of curtains for window coverings 2015

Blinds-Pleated of fashion types of curtains 2015:

In decorating the interiors popular are also Pleated blinds. Visually, they are very similar to vertical blinds, but lack the image of the office and do not look so formal. To create these curtains used pleated fabric that is attached to the profile, and clamped in place permanent bends. Pleated blinds protect the house from prying eyes and excessive sun. Manage these structures using a chain or drive. Pleats are made from different fabrics: plain, colored or transparent. Often for special effect "day-night" strips of fabric are combined dark and light tones. Day of the window covered with dark curtains, and after dark - light.

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Curtains fusion for decorative windows 2015:

The main trend of modern fashion for curtains - " curtains fusion " or combination does not match. You can combine colors, textures, styles, but this should be done with a sense of proportion. If the house is designed in a classic design, it will approach the massive bright curtains. To pick a few modern bands of fabric in different colors, harmonizing with furniture or beat contrast. In the interior of high-tech look good with no interceptions simple curtains of steel and white shades, or drapes, yarn. In general stylistic mix of "curtains fusion " allows himself a lot, the main thing that it was not a bad taste, but a real eclectic.

Curtains fusion, top fashion types of curtains for window coverings 2015

Curtains Art Deco , Fashion types of curtains 2015:

The whole mystery of the soul and a riot of imagination by the interior can bring to the art deco style. The richness of textiles, geometric and floral designs, mythological motifs embody the inherent elegance and luxury of the elite, the love of MMA things and total rejection of consumer goods. Art deco curtains can be direct and asymmetric, to repeat the classic silhouette of the curtains, and repeat the elegant drape of the best European samples of window decoration 2015

Curtains art deco, top fashion types of curtains for window coverings

American Blinds for window coverings 2015:

Among the recent findings in the design of curtains can be noted an American invention - a free drape. In the corner of the eave edge of the curtains fixed node or a ring and all the cloth or a few strips of fabric in different colors just a lot of time wrapped around the eaves. A region just have to hang on the edge of the box. The fabric is best to use one-color soft, lightweight and flowing. You can also drape cornice wrapping a cloth on both sides to meet each other and to connect a large knot or bow in the middle.

American blinds, American curtains 2015 for window coverings