The best ways to visually enlarge a small apartment, Design tricks

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Today i want to help each one who have a small apartment , small room, small places or small interiors, so i provide some of the best ways and tricks for small apartment to visually enlarge, this will achieved through apply some of the ideas in the small apartment parts. i remind you with some of interior design tricks for small apartment and small spaces.

In the first i want to remind you one of the best article for small interiors and small spaces and i hope it be useful for you. International tricks and tips to decorating small spaces .

The best ways to visually enlarge a small apartment, Design tricks
Most people had a hard time getting a long-awaited apartment instigate endless repairs to redraw the home "for themselves." Tearing down walls, clean the walls, in order to somehow extend the tiny room. And there are a lot more simple, no such drastic means generating the optical illusion of space and that the power even raise the ceiling or walls to expand! 

A good designer in such a case "on hand" has it all: light, furniture, mirrors, paintings, carpets, the size and shape of the window, the color of wallpaper ... And yet this is no big deal, you just have to know a few general rules and tricks of optical illusions. 

Light tricks to visually enlarge a small apartment:

The larger your room will be light, the better. Avoid heavy, coarse and dark curtains. If most of the light barrier off trees or buildings outside the window, install a chandelier in a room with lots of light bulbs, as well as additional lighting around the mirror. If you want to visually make the room above, take care of the lower light conditions. 

light tricks to visually enlarge a small apartment

Color and paints tricks for small apartment:

What not to do when choosing a paint and wallpaper and color schemes for small apartment and small spaces, so it is to get involved in dark tones, which soon will put pressure on you. To expand the space in a small room, use a cool, light colors: pearl, pale-green, gray-blue. If you want to make a more spacious already rather big room, use warmer colors: peach, lemon, pale pink. The rich color of the floor and cover it with varnish will help to visually lengthen the room, just like a wallpaper with a large pattern. But, there are some nuances here and in spite of the fact that the "blue" room visually is large and spacious, it does not have a long stay in it, as opposed to a cozy room with warm colors.

small apartment color schemes tricks to visually enlarge

Mirrors tricks for small apartment to visually enlarge:

They are successfully used in the interior, if you want to visually enlarge the space. Only it must be a full-length mirror, and not small "cosmetic" mirror, placed anywhere in a chaotic manner. Very good in this plan help wardrobe cupboards with mirrored doors. But! Mirror maximum quality "play a role" if you put it in front of windows or other mirrors, but in any case not in a dark corner. 

Mirror tricks for a small apartment interior designs

Texture tricks for small apartment to visually enlarge:

The term " texture " combines many elements: it is the furniture and wall paper pattern, and gender, and that what he was carpeted ... Perhaps the floor and get started! Do not buy small rugs, if your apartment is tiny room. Better, of course, lay laminate or wood flooring. Regarding flooring, observe the following rule - light wood flooring, laid on the diagonal, visually make the room more spacious. 

texture tricks for small apartment visually enlarge

Furniture tricks for small apartment:

As for the furniture, it is best to get rid of all the excess. This, of course, is contrary to our mentality, but very productive! In the West, a big draw "minimalism" and pull, "hidden" furniture. Also good "facilitate" the space glass tables. Designers are advised when choosing colors for furniture, based on the color of the wallpaper. It is best if they are the same color, but different in tone. In this case, do not be afraid that your interior is boring - it is always possible to vary the striking member or component. 

There are some of albums of creative furniture for small apartment and small spaces, so i suggest this below links to help you:

Walls tricks to visually enlarge a small apartment:

Horizontal stripes on the wallpaper or tiles visually "stretched" space, but also reduce the height. Vertical - on the contrary, the area will shrink in width and extends in height. 

All this applies to the ornaments. Small figure will increase space, and a large decrease. Keep this in mind and when you hang on the wall paintings. The elongated vertical paintings and lamps add height of the walls. 

walls tricks to visually enlarge a small apartment
Pay attention to how visually "plays" a different texture of the floor. Fine pattern on the floor makes the room more spacious, unlike large. Bands break up the bottom of the room horizontally, it reduces, vertical, stretching into the distance strips make it visually longer.

walls tricks to visually enlarge a small apartment
Finally I want to add that to your apartment to live far from the designers, and for you, so the first thing to consider their taste preferences! And if you just hate pistachio color, but it is very advantageous to set off your furniture and make the room visually more spacious - it is better to re-drag the furniture and paint the walls in your favorite lavender!