Modern black kitchen designs, ideas, furniture, cabinets 2015

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Kitchen - a place of creativity in your home. It should be a function room that promotes maximum comfort that is a must in the creative process of cooking. Color solution to this issue is also of great importance.

I provided some of kitchen colors catalogs and masters at International decor site, for example i suggest Classic designs of white kitchens , Contemporary orange kitchen cabinets designs 2015 and other catalogs of modern kitchen colors schemes, paints and kitchen cabinets colors ideas for modern kitchens.

Black kitchen - a stylish solution, however, you need to consider some facts. First, the black kitchen furniture meant that color. And as you know, black furniture looks good in the kitchen is quite spacious. Otherwise, you become the owner of a small black room, the interior of which will fail.
be sure to consider lighting, including natural. If the kitchen window facing north, you'll have to abandon the idea.

It should also be thinned black kitchen furniture or decor items other shades. In this way you get rid of the oppressive interior, thus will create a beautiful, spacious, stylish black kitchen.

Modern black kitchen designs ideas furniture 2015

 kitchen designs 2015

Black kitchen furniture is not very familiar to us. Why? Probably because the black color visually reduces the space and makes it somewhat grim, if natural light is not so much. For a long time, even a 10-foot kitchen, we considered a luxury. And as the presence of not one but at least two windows in the kitchen and all seemed a bit unrealistic. What kind of black kitchen? I had to choose just something light, not too bulky.

New layout as in the multi-family and in private homes were given the opportunity to many owners of modern housing express themselves without stifling their creative thoughts flight scrupulous counting every inch and reflections about how to "push nevpihivaemoe." And the producer of furniture scaled down to: we can now choose not only white, beige and "marble" cuisine, but also any other what we wish - though the green, even though the red, though gray-brown and crimson. Or black.

Modern black green kitchen designs ideas furniture 2015
black and green kitchen cabinets design ideas
Modern black and red kitchen designs ideas furniture 2015
black and red kitchen design ideas
The most important secret of kitchen design with black furniture is disclosed: black kitchen only suitable for large room. Furthermore, it is desirable that it had a large window or even better - several windows. Lots of natural light will not give a black kitchen to make cooking room too dark.

Modern black kitchen designs ideas furniture 2015

If you want to emphasize the glamor and drama of the kitchen , it is necessary to use more black and combine it with the color of silver or gold. By the way will be mirrored finish and materials, and the use of mirror accessories. Crystals, crystal, glass - everything will be in place.

black kitchen and dining area design ideas
With nothing worthwhile to combine the color black in the kitchen? Regardless of the style, the color black is rarely successfully combined with many shades of brown and blue.

For the interior of the kitchen in a modern style, you can choose green, yellow, orange or light purple walls. The variant with the red wall. It is desirable that the color of the walls were soft, light, otherwise the interior can get yelled and annoying. Yet the best ally for the black furniture remain bright neutral walls.

black and white kitchen design ideas and furniture
By the way, puzzle mat black surfaces can be used as ... a board for entries. Put chalk in the kitchen, and each family member can leave notes to others or take notes for yourself.

Modern black kitchen designs ideas furniture 2015

unique black kitchen design
Modern black kitchen designs ideas furniture 2015
black and orange kitchen design ideas
Modern black kitchen designs ideas furniture 2015
unique black kitchen design 2015
Modern black kitchen designs, ideas, furniture 2015

Modern black kitchen designs, ideas, furniture 2015