Cool recycled art and crafts with their hands

Recycled art or recycled sculpture art , Do not rush to throw empty cans, plastic bottles, beer cans and tin cups. Of this debris can make original crafts with their hands 

Helmut Smits is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in the Netherlands. Packaging of all kind seems to fascinate him, at least enough to serve as components for his modern recycled sculptures art and art installations. I like the idea of making use of old tins, cans or bottles in a creative way

recycled art, recycled sculpture art,crafts ideas with their hand
lacking only rat with drum sticks
I think that the use of these cans look really cute

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recycled art, handmade table lamp,crafts ideas with their hand
creative handmade table lamp
recycled art, handmade table lamp,crafts ideas with their hand
table lamp from recycled materials with own hands
recycled art, recycled champion collection,crafts ideas with their hand
collection of champion, recycled art
recycled art, handmade wall clock,crafts ideas with their hand
handmade wall clock from recycled magazine

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recycled art, original crafts, how to make recycled art from old materials
I like the use of beer caps on this bowl