Window blinds, best ideas of window coverings

All types of window blinds and What are the blinds on the windows, wooden, metal, plastic tissue types of curtains and blinds, top tips to choose window blinds for window coverings and decoration

Blinds appeared in our apartments recently, but already managed to get a lot of popularity. Along with increasing public interest in this kind of window blinds , vertical blinds increased their diversity and functionality.

window blinds, blinds,wooden blinds

What are the blinds and how to choose window blinds?

Modern blinds on the windows are:

  • Round blinds
  • Horizontal blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Protective ( roll-shutters ), which is better than any apartment curtains protect from prying eyes, bright sunlight and decorate the interior, making it more modern and cozy.
window blinds, blinds,vertical blinds

In addition to its structural design, the slats (strips) for them made of plastic, wood, metal and fabrics.

Fabric blinds

Polyester fabric blinds durable material, its color does not fade in the sun and are easy to clean. resemble curtains can be different density, have a huge variety of colors and textures, so you can choose the design and organically fit in almost any interior .

Often you can find these blinds made from natural materials such as cotton. However, they require more careful and scrupulous care treatment. With frequent cleaning fabric slats may lose color, fabric can sit down and change shape.

window blinds, fabric blinds,window coverings

Quality of materials no special differences, everything is determined by the production technology. The denser the fabric slats, so they last longer, but they cost more.

We should not forget that the window blinds with a printed picture, are cheaper, but they do not tolerate moisture quickly lose color and very brand. The most durable and expensive option - a Jacquard weave fabric blinds. In addition, the colors created by weaving a long time and keeps color.

The most practical fabric blinds are made of fiberglass. They are durable, do not require treatment anti-dust, anti-static and waterproof impregnation or compositions.

Plastic blinds

window blinds, plastic blinds,window coverings

Low cost - not only the dignity of plastic blinds:
  • they will always hold their shape,
  • not afraid of moisture,
  • slats are easy to clean,
  • does not accumulate static electricity, for example, as a fabric curtain.

Lifetime plastic blinds depends largely on the quality of the material. Cheap plastic, strong heating in direct sunlight, and can change the color to yellow.

Plastic blinds of good quality are expensive, but they are more practical. Most often they can be seen in offices, apartments and buy them for placement on the balcony or loggia, kitchen, rarely in the living room.

Wooden blinds

window blinds, wooden blinds,window coverings

Safest for health and are environmentally friendly wood blinds. They are made from natural, natural materials, are long, durable and require minimal maintenance.

As a material for the manufacture of wooden slats used wood or cork Canadian linden. Both the material and the processing and manufacturing of construction, are quite expensive, so afford wood blinds, not everyone can.

Metal blinds

window blinds, metal blinds,window coverings

Blinds with metal (usually aluminum) fins do not fade in the sun, not afraid of moisture and other environmental influences. They are heat resistant stainless finish and never lose their shape.

Use metal shutters in industrial premises and offices, and in homes and apartments - in a commercial environment, such as a kitchen or a balcony. They are comfortable, with proper selection of the desired color without problems fit into the interior. The only negative is that they make noise at the slightest draft.

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window blinds, bamboo blinds,window coverings

window blinds, fabric blinds,window coverings

There are also other types of blinds, their choices are virtually limitless. They can be curly, Multifacture or decorated with tulle, have a remote and elegant curtain. However, their approach to the choice should be very seriously, weighing all the pros and cons.