Canopy beds for girls room - Top designs and ideas

If you decide to equip the girl's room this fabulous item, you will be interested to know what are the design canopies and how to choose the color of the canopy. This talk.

pink canopy bed for girls, canopy beds for girlsGirls usually crazy about canopies for beds and explains it very simply. First, since the early childhood, young women are showing interest in the "Interior" games. They love to equip corners and get excited from the tents, play houses and doll " apartments ." Perhaps women striving for "fireside" in the genes. The second reason to love girls canopy beds - magical essence of the subject. canopy beds there is something fabulous, is not it? Is it possible to imagine the princess's chambers without the luxurious canopy over the bed? Every girl - Princess in the shower. So, has the right to personal canopy beds for girls.

unique canopy bed for girls, canopy beds for girls

bed canopy for girls, canopy beds for girls room

bed canopy for girls, canopy beds for girls room

white canopy bed for girls, canopy beds for girls room

yellow canopy bed for girls, canopy beds for girls room

design of canopy bed, canopy beds for girls roomThe design of the canopy beds :

Canopy beds - this canopy over the bed, which is purely symbolic, playing only a decorative role, or function, that is really closing bed. Design canopies are very diverse - there are plenty to choose from.

Traditional functional canopies for beds:

purple canopy bed for girls, canopy beds for girls roomIt curtains attached to the bed frame elements with racks. This allows you to create maximum canopy beds closure. However, this solution is the most expensive and difficult because of the need implemented to order or buy a special bed model.

For girls' bedrooms are most in demand in the form of canopies mosquito nets . Canopy   bed hung on a ceiling hook. Sheds this type love girls, because they look truly magical.

four poster canopy bed for girls, canopy beds for girls room

Four poster canopy bed for girls bedroom

canopy tent for girls, canopy beds for girls room

Canopy bed mosquito nets

how to make girls canopy bed, canopy beds for girls roomTo build a canopy beds for girls room with their hands, you can look in the sale of "adult" mosquito net. They are often made of gauze or similar cheap stuff. Useful to you only frame and fittings, and gauze can be used later for household needs. Sample grids and determine the size, you need to buy the desired tissue and replace it gauze.
However, the frame is so simple that you should be able to make his own hands - for example, from a very stiff wire or old lamp shade. Hooks for hanging a need to look in stores for home accessories.

girls canopies and draperies in headboard, canopy beds for girlsCanopies as draperies in the headboard:

Of course, young girls are less interesting, but no less spectacular in the decorative plan. Sheds such design often prefer teenage girls and girls. Drapery at the head of decoration for the bedroom, make it more feminine and more comfortable, while the bed will not look childish.

How to design canopy beds for girls:

The design of canopy beds is simple: the fabric is hung on the wall above the bed and drape beautifully. As a holder for fabric can be used short cornice for curtains, a skeleton in the form of chipboard shelves or forged decorative suspension, which can be ordered in the workshop of artistic forging. Incidentally, these suspensions are called " crowns " , and the canopy - royal .

queen canopy bed for girls, canopy beds for girls room

Similar models canopies for girls become "different sound" when hung on a long side of the bed.

four poster canopy bed for girls, girls canopy beds
four poster canopy bed for girls, girls canopy beds
Another easy-to-implement option - ceiling canopy type sails . A broad band of tissue attached to the ceiling at both ends, but not stretched and gently sags. To create a canopy beds for girls can be used for curtains or accessories do ceiling hooks and rope.

canopy over the bed for girls room, canopy beds for girls

canopy over the bed for girls room, canopy beds for girls

Canopy over the bed in the nursery

pink canopy bed, canopy beds for girls bedroomIf you plan not just decorate sleeper girls, but to change the situation in her room, you can buy or order under the bed with canopy frame, canopy for girls bed. Known manufacturers offer the opportunity to purchase additional items for sheds suitable to specific models of the bed. But if the girls bedroom furniture will be manufactured in order to create a canopy structure can be developed together with the designer.

You can order the production of the canopy or girls canopy bed and in the studio, making curtains. But it is not so difficult to make a canopy with their hands, even if, in needlework little experience. The main thing - to choose the elements for suspension and get the necessary amount of tissue. Here are a few simple solutions.

1. Buy wall-holders tiebacks, mount them on the bed and attach to them a broad band of tissue.

purple canopy bed, canopy beds for girls bedroom

2. Buy short ceiling cornice, hang it over the bed and strung on a curtain (or curtains) with drawstring casing. And you can just throw the tissue through the cornice and drapes.

canopy beds with their hands for girls bedroom

simple canopy, canopy beds for girls3. Produce round frame (wire or even hoop), strung on a cloth, decorate frame decorative elements, tie him securely tape or braid. Next you need to mount the ceiling hook, tie ribbon or braid knot and attach the hook for this node. Half an hour of work - and the bed girl transformed, bed canopy for girls

If you are unsure of your abilities, create a canopy design, buy hardware, prepare the frame or hang cornice and fabricate test canopy of old sheets or curtains. Did it work? Now you can buy a good fabric finishing and build version.

Fabric and color canopy beds for girls :

purple canopy bed for girls, canopy fabric color
Versatile option canopy for girls - from light white cloth, translucent and airy. This canopy bed is suitable for any interior, regardless of its style and color scheme.

Canopy can be set with curtains or bedspread or so and another immediately.

Wall canopy can be made ​​in the color of the walls - it is beautiful and original. Also the color of the canopy can select the color of accessories, furniture and decor .

If you want to make the room bright girl, you can create a lush canopy accentual colors.

orange canopy bed for girls room, canopy beds

canopy bed for classic girls roomIf the bed canopy is substantially close the bed, color must be chosen with great care. Going to bed under the "deaf" canopy, the girl will remain in the "cocoon of color," and the influence of color will be very noticeable. It is believed that the red, orange, pink and purple canopy bed or canopies are not very useful as invigorate and prevent sleep. Ideal choice would be a canopy of blue, blue, lilac, turquoise, green, mint and other similar shades. Yellow, peach and beige color is also not prohibited.

As for fabrics, traditionally the canopies for beds were made of thick, heavy fabrics, because canopies over the bed did not play as much decorative as functional role: they closed from prying eyes intimate zone, protected from insects and warmed bed. In modern room girls canopy does not perform these functions, and hence, the fabric can take any, even the most easy and transparent. This embodiment is preferable because such a material is less likely to dust. If the choice is made of dense tissue is worth to focus on so-called bilateral to the canopy in girls room looked equally beautiful from all angles.

Canopy beds for girls photos, original solution:

girls canopy bed ideas, canopy beds for girlsgirls canopy bed ideas, canopy beds for girls

girls canopy bed ideas, canopy beds for girlsgirls canopy bed ideas, canopy beds for girls

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