The best Zebra print decor ideas for interior designs

Stunning ideas to use zebra print and pattern to decorating interior design, zebra print decor ideas for all home parts, wall, furniture, bedding, accessories, rugs, pictures and all zebra print room ideas

Animal prints are still quite popular in the interior, and use them in a variety of decor elements - and in decorating the walls and furniture, and textiles, and just as a leopard skins, tiger, zebra, spread out on the floor.

Zebra print decor ideas for interior designs

Zebra print decor in the interior :

Fortunately today, to decorate the wall of your living room zebra or giraffe ( zebra wall decor ), or spread it on the floor does not have to kill animals. Modern industry produces ready-made imitation animal skins, which, at first glance, no different from the natural, and to use them much more practical, do not require such meticulous care as natural skins. This article focuses specifically on animal printers such as zebra print decor .

Natural black and white zebra color is very beautiful, especially this zebra print will fit, if the interior of your room is decorated in black and white style. Despite the fact that, first of all zebra print used in the design houses in the African style, it will look great in black and white interior in the style of hi-tech.

Zebra print Decorating ideas:

Industry today released many textile imitation zebra print . In the first place, it certainly rugs and carpets, blankets and bedspreads. And the coloring is not only black and white, which has a zebra print from nature, but also brown and white, brown and beige.

zebra print in the interior can be used in almost any design style, the main thing to choose the right place its application. In addition, frequent such animal print in combination with other color elements, for example, mat or blanket can combine inserts with zebra print or zebra pattern and insert the other colors.

Zebra Linens - zebra sheets, zebra pillowcases, zebra duvet covers, decorated with a zebra print , also are very popular among the inhabitants. And in this case is not necessarily black and white, or brown-beige combination bands. Black combined with red, purple, green, pink, blue. So, pick up a print linens for the bedroom can be made in any colors, not just black and white interior.

zebra bedding can also be combined with other prints, as with animal and geometric. The same pattern can be used for zebra print curtains in the bedroom and other rooms containing features with zebra print. Together, they will harmonize with each other and at the same time complement each other, creating a uniform style in the room.

For zebra print wall also typical, as posters or pictures and zebra canvas , as well as panels.
As a decorative element of the room can become fixtures, decorated zebra, as well as any furniture, and not just soft. Even in a classical style dresser or chest of drawers, coffee table, you can decorate using print - zebra, and he will play an entirely new way and turned into a kind of a design course.
If you can not use as a decorative element patterned zebra something massive - in the form of furniture, curtains or bed linen, leaving the situation may become small and decor items such as kitchen utensils, painted zebra , flower pots and planters , cushions.

Most effectively drawing a zebra print room ideas in the interior will look like, where neutral colors and shades. In addition, this animal print will help create zest, and bring together all the components of the interior in the event that in your room do not have any particular style in the design, either present fresh colors.

There are also styles in the design, in which the zebra pattern print in the interior should not be, or use it with caution. In that case, if the decor of the apartment too many colorful flowers, animal ornament or lost on their background, or it will look too pretentious and ridiculous. This concerns, including the walls and the floor, if they have too pronounced texture, decorative elements with zebra print decor is better not to have near them. Not too successfully combined the zebra print and other fancy ornaments. In addition, there are styles which, when used in the design of the zebra print and pattern will have to forget. This Japanese style Zen-style and Eco friendly style. In other cases, an animal figure you can always find a place in your interior.