Purple Kitchen interior design and Contemporary kitchen design 2014

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Contemporary purple kitchen interior design 2014 :

Choose the color for the kitchen 2014 is not very easy, because it will set the tone for the entire interior, so this task is solved together with the specialist. Matter what colors you choose will depend not only the mood of your kitchen, but also your emotional state. Choosing a color for the interior, it should be noted that each color has its own characteristics. Purple color can be attributed to a mysterious and mysterious shades. Giving him the preference should be careful and cautious, because it is very versatile and can manifest capriciousness and waywardness. The most important thing is not to overdo it with the brightness, because then, instead of elegant and contemporary kitchen design 2014, you get a vivid example of bad taste. Exactly the same principle should be followed in the selection of furniture.

Purple Kitchen interior design and Contemporary kitchen design 2014
Purple color for interior design 2014 and contemporary kitchen design 2014 is used quite often, but has its own characteristics. Large surfaces, such as floors, walls, ceiling - designers recommend painted in golden hues of brown, as well as suitable to be some shades of green, yellow and beige colors. White, for these surfaces, it is better not to choose. Photo: Scenery of kitchen furniture factory Scavolini, design King & Miranda. Purple kitchen interior design

The fact that the color purple has a great set of shades in contemporary kitchen design, immediately necessary to determine the dominant color. The main thing in kitchen interior design use only one shade of purple, because together the various shades of this color not mix. Lavender is a shade of violet, so design the interior kitchen in this version will be a very bold decision, but not less than the original. Contemporary kitchen design 2014, decorated in shades of lilac, give the room more brightness and elegance that perfectly accentuate your individuality. The main thing here to observe certain rules, I love purple kitchen interior design .

Making the kitchen interior design in a purple color, do not give preference to a monochromatic furniture, because the abundance of purple shades can lead to depression. For registration is best to choose subtle shades of purple color for contemporary kitchen design , it will help relieve stress and fatigue. Wishing to use bright shades of purple color, it may be advisable to dilute its coldness warm tones. Especially good to be coupled with creamy pastel shades. They help fill the softness and warmth of the kitchen interior design, this kitchen is one of the contemporary kitchen design 2014 in purple .

A very important moment in the creation of a kitchen interior design in lilac and purple color will be the right choice of countertop and apron and get one of the contemporary kitchen design 2014. Here designers do not recommend experimenting, because the color of these surfaces must comply with the general design and not to attract attention. For this role, the most successful will be shades of gray, steel and silver, they will create the optimal color.

Making your kitchen in lilac and purple color requires attention not only in the selection of colors, but there is a need to consider the size of the kitchen. Large kitchen does not require any adjustments and interiors, in a small room, do not forget that bright colors visually reduce the space. So bright accent should be on the decorative elements, finishing or household appliances.

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