Best Home decorating ideas for Christmas 2015

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In The previous article about Christmas decorations i wrote about IKEA Christmas decorations 2015 and furnishings, Christmas 2015

Today i write for Christmas decorations 2015 or Christmas decorating ideas, Home decorating ideas for Christmas 2015, How decorating your home for Christmas and new year

Home decorating ideas for Christmas 2015
Before the New Year for nearly a month, but already pre-holiday mood. Shining shop windows decorated rooms malls early season outdoor rinks cause a desire to create a festive atmosphere in your home. 
What subjects will help us build the house before the long-awaited winter holidays? We consider in this article.

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Best home decorating ideas for Christmas :

Christmas Glowing garland :

Who said that it occurs only on the tree? Hang it on the wall or window. Soft shimmer will create a sense of comfort in the room.

Christmas Glowing garland

Mandarin oil for Christmas 2015 :

If you do not have oil burner, purchase it. Oil is not only pleasant but also beneficial to health. Besides, it's much better than a simple air fresheners, based only harmful chemical elements.
And the smell of tangerines - the first thing that causes us to associate with New Year's holidays.

Mandarin oil for Christmas 2015

Symbol of the year :

According to Oriental calendar 2015 - the year of the Blue (Wooden) Horses. Because certainly appease her by putting in the room wooden statuette horses.
And under the tree should put a saucer of water and a bit of hay. Then good luck will not leave your house.

Symbol of the year

Serpentine and snowflakes Christmas:

They also can decorate any room in the house. Hang them on windows, walls or the ceiling to stretch the thread diagonally and hang ornaments on it.

Serpentine and snowflakes Christmas

Christmas wreath 2015:

interior decoration It came to us from the Catholics. Wreath hung on the front door from the inside or the outside. You can buy it in the store, and you can do on your own, taking into account all your wishes on the size of the wreath to the colors and decorations.

Christmas wreath 2015
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Handmade Christmas toys:

will look great on the Christmas tree as well as in the interior of the apartment. For example, hang on doorknobs miniature snegovichkov, deer, cute Christmas trees made ​​of cardboard, felt and other readily available materials.

Handmade Christmas toys

Wool and artificial snow Christmas :

If you have the opportunity, put between the panes of glass wool, sprinkle snow from a container to decoration looked even more realistic. Or you can fill that space rain / garlands.

Wool and artificial snow Christmas

Fill a glass vase tangerines for Christmas 2015: 

put there a few cinnamon sticks associated with beautiful ribbon. This will be a wonderful decor as kitchens and New Year's table.

Fill a glass vase tangerines for Christmas 2015

Tape for Christmas :

Satin, Organza, pattern, plain fabric stores ... In any tape can be found in a large assortment. Decorate them vases, jars of loose in the kitchen cabinets handles. Traditional Christmas colors - red and green. But in 2015, they added more and different shades of blue.

Tape for Christmas

Socks for gifts for Christmas :

We often see them in American films. As a rule, they hang on the fireplace. Now and in Ukrainian shops are very common these socks. Why not hang them at home?

Socks for gifts for Christmas

Christmas Applique :

Make them with the children and decorate walls, desk. Use colored cardboard, paper, spangle, fabric scraps, buttons of, cereals, cotton - all that will be on hand. It have a good time and good memories in the form of a celebratory collage.

Christmas Applique

Christmas Family portrait :

 Certainly, in the same American movies you watched as a family tradition photographed in sweaters with reindeers to send a photograph of relatives. Great idea. Family portrait can not only send the native mail (as was done in the old days, when the Internet was not so widely spread), but hang in a frame in the living room.

Christmas Family portrait
Have a good Christmas holiday! Be creative !