Plaster cornice - Top ceiling cornice and coving of plaster and gypsum

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Why do we make of plaster cornices for ceilings ?

Plaster or Gypsum - a noble material. Centuries-old traditions of its use nothing else as spent technological practice, which can not boast of ultra polymer materials. Plaster hygroscopic. For interiors plaster cornice and moldings you get a natural regulator of microclimate plaster "breathes" water, soaking up excess moisture with its indoor and giving back, if the air is too dry. Plaster is eco-friendly. He not only does not cause allergies, but does not degrade over time - which is why the ancient gypsum products have survived virtually unchanged. Polyurethane truly inert in a normal environment, but to aggressive media (acids, alkalis) - unstable. Some of its brand even sensitive to UV light! Gypsum decor does not have these disadvantages. Technically speaking, a comparison of plaster cornices and plastics rather be in favor of the former. Installation: plaster cornices are attached with screws and is embedded with plaster and polyurethane not only shrinks, but also requires the use of heterogeneous adhesives, coatings, sealants, primers specific - which complicates the painting, and paint have plastic - the material yellowing regardless of operating conditions. For example, when a cleavage on the cornice, decor easy fix "native" material - the same plaster. Polyurethane in this case loses its homogeneity. At stucco ceiling cornices and decorative plaster , perhaps, only two drawbacks - it's a decent weight and hygroscopicity. But, as mentioned above, it has a very useful side - creating a healthy climate (if required painted plaster easily the waterproof paint), and weight - is an expression of your solidity and solidity. If you're still wondering, you give a couple of facts about safety. Plaster refers to a non-flammable substances , in the same class as the concrete - A1. That is, it is fireproof. Polyurethane same - combustible material classes T2-T3. His total thermal resistance of 170-200 degrees, then begins the decomposition into components. As a result of combustion released many toxic substances, especially if the raw material for polyurethane moldings low quality or without the addition of a flame retardant.

Ceiling Plaster cornice with hidden lights:

ceiling plaster cornice with hidden lights, gypsum cornice
ceiling plaster cornice with hidden lights, gypsum cornice

Gypsum and plaster ceiling cornice for recessed lighting

Plaster cornice made of natural materials used for centuries the most famous graphic artists and designers to give the interior depth and sophistication. Relief decoration of plaster look great on the facades of buildings, expressing all the force and power that lies in the elegant stone. No less popular plaster cornice and moldings and modern interiors, it finds a place in the premises of classical and new apartments and offices. If you choose to create in your home or workplace refined atmosphere, the elegant plaster detail - this is a great way out.
Calling the experts at the workshop deal Decor , you will get a detailed consultation on options for finishing the interior, timing and cost of plaster cornice installation . We provide many plaster ceiling cornice , as well as provide unique designs for the implementation of ideas for interior design. In the catalog of gypsum cornice or plaster cornice and coving have various elements of earmarking, including accommodation and indirect lighting. Eaves of this type have the following characteristics:
·  Have an indentation for pulling tape LED backlighting.
·  Well suited for home decoration with multilevel ceilings and caissons.
·  Organically look in the classic interiors, at the same time, including lighting can completely transform a room or great room.
 Now you can see the plaster cornice photos but i want to mention that i have provided the way for plaster cornice paints at Gypsum Cornice paint ideas and steps .

Plaster Cornice and ceiling cornice images:

plaster cornice, ceiling cornice designs, gypsum cornice
gypsum and plaster decoration for ceiling

luxury plaster cornice design
plaster cornice, ceiling cornice and coving designs
In the coming post i will write for Plaster cornice installation with steps and photos, i hope you be one of our followers to get our updating.