How to choose a high-quality plastic PVC windows

Top tips to choose high-quality plastic windows or PVC windows for your home and apartment .

Plastic windows made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), are considered the most proven and effective windowing systems, with which you can achieve a good heat and sound insulation of the apartment. To ensure that they properly served long and trouble free, from a huge range of models to choose the best quality and cheap plastic windows or PVC windows.

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plastic and pvc windows

How to choose plastic or PVC windows

The first thing you need to pay special attention to - the width of the plastic window profile and PVC profile. If you want a well insulated enclosure, you should choose the profile width 58-70 mm. All plastic and PVC windows sold in the domestic market profile width of 50 mm, are seen as hopelessly outdated.

More than would be mounting depth profile (width of the window frame), the capacious will air chambers filled with either air or inert gas - argon or sulfur hexafluoride.

pvc windows,plastic windows,pvc windows types

But apart from one chamber still required, at least two, which are installed in the windows themselves and hardware.

The thickness of plastic PVC windows profile must be at least 3 mm. This is the European standard. If the manufacturer will offer a profile with 2-2.5 mm thick plastic, then you should immediately abandon such questionable option because the original plastic must withstand severe mechanical stress.

This fact is quite understandable - at the corner joints of plastic profiles can not be set in accordance with galvanized reinforcement fabrication technology. Therefore, the plastic must have a sufficient thickness, and good durability.
If the sales manager offers windows that have no galvanized reinforcement, it is better not to buy a pre-weakened structure.

Number of rows of glass may be different - from one to three series. The latter option is often chosen for regions with cold climates. The most popular are the two rows of windows with glass, allowing to provide an acceptable level of sound and heat insulation.
To sash windows can provide a hermetic closure, glass and themselves firmly held inside the plastic profiles, you need to pay attention to the quality of seals.

In economy variants are widely used rubber seals, while the more expensive window systems apply silicone sealants. But we must understand that silicone seals, have a long service life, are much more expensive than rubber.

And of course, we can not ignore accessories, which includes locking elements, anti-modules, handles, hinges, etc. The better will fittings for plastic PVC windows , the longer it will last without failure.