Original and creative beds for modern interior

Everyday life is difficult to imagine without beds, and each person with confidence describe its appearance. Beds offer projects that will completely destroy the usual image of the subject of the interior. Modern beds can be very original, true masterpieces. Fun and functional, they just will not go unnoticed.

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Today, I add this article to creative beds at International Decor site, this album provide more than 10 creative bed designs for modern interior, i let you to see.

Most creative beds for modern interior:

unusual and creative bed for modern interior
unusual and creative bed for modern interior

Bed that grows with the host:

unusual bed, creative beds for modern interior
bed that grows with the host
unusual bed, creative beds for modern interior

For most people, the main thing in bed not her originality and unusual appearance and functionality. Bed design won first prize at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2007. Functional design allows the bed to grow along with the host. All this is possible thanks to the frame around the bed, which, despite their fragile appearance, has a solid construction. The modern model of designer Joel Hesselgren allows to turn a single bed into a double.

Bed-book :

unusual bed book, creative beds for modern interior
bed book
Bed that will appeal to everyone, regardless of age. This bed will be able to wake the baby inside every adult. It looks like a real book with pages, cover and all other attributes. Airbags are used as bookmarks. Bed - ideal for families with several children. Important for children to have their own space and learn how to manage them. With this bed they can combine pleasure and responsibilities. The project was created by Japanese artist Yusuke Suzuki. The model is ideal for a large child's bedroom, because sleep in it incredibly interesting, becoming part of the book, a part of history and mystery.

Ecotypic bed:

unusual bed, creative beds for modern interior
creative beds for modern interior
Modern beds, Model Ecotypic bed is original and unique. It contains everything you need for life: the lamp above his head read, speakers for music and even a place for flowers and climbing plants. Special LED was installed to help plants to grow indoors away from natural light. Health and comfort for the first time united in a revolutionary product. Probably no one will mind rest on the bed, which changes the humidity, which is air conditioned and all around the fragrant freshness and flavor. Plus everything else and live plants around!

Convertible bed:

convertible bed, creative beds for modern interior
convertible bed
Time, which is now called "retro", was actually a period of great innovation and huge bold steps in design and technology. Bed-convertible made Joe Colombo - a good example of a combination of vital habitat and nemebelnoy concept. Inspired by the appearance of yellow convertible designer has created a folding hood that can be closed, providing a feeling of complete privacy. The bed was the first among those models which have been provided control panel, providing the fan, radio and phone. In those days, the bed was called a "machine for living" because it was not just the usual furniture and appliances with many moving parts and mechanisms.

Millennium bed:

millennium bed, creative beds for modern interior
millennium bed

millennium bed, creative beds for modern interior

Model is likely to appeal to fans of "Star Wars." The project was designed by Kayla Kromer. In the bed provides a full-featured lights, the projection of the star field and whatnot. This bed just will not go unnoticed!

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Bed with toilet :

bed with toilet, creative beds for modern interior
bed with toilet
bed with toilet, creative beds for modern interior
creative bed with toilet
Since we are talking about modern beds, you should recognize that designers think about the different categories of the population. The sick and the elderly also need comfortable furniture that meets their real needs. The bed has been specially designed for people with physical disabilities, who can not get to the toilet. It built a toilet where the waste contained in the specific closing bags.

Bed-giant hammock:

bed giant hammock, creative beds for modern interior
bed giant hammock
Funny and probably very comfortable bed model! Especially like the idea of ​​nonconformists, because nothing like this had not been, and it looks very unusual. Particularly impressive bed will look like on the second floor. With such a bed is not afraid of no crumbs!

Bed on the ropes:

bed on the ropes, creative beds for modern interior
bed on the ropes
Suspended bed rests only on four ropes tied to the ceiling, one for each corner. Ropes can easily support the weight of the bed and the weight of people sleeping there, but people can not get a feel for solid a place to sleep, and it makes the bed even more unusual, because it is constantly in motion.

Sofa bed:

red sofa bed, creative beds for modern interior
red sofa bed with lights
red sofa bed, creative beds for modern interior
red sofa bed
Sofa beds have been popular in the past. The reason for the huge love for them explained functionality. A new concept called Morfeo. Very successful model especially for those who like to read in bed. Sofa bed is very funny, original look. It is somewhat reminiscent of the famous cartoon character Shrek, such as the ears, the two reading lamps. Fixtures can be individually adjusted by setting a few positions, so that everyone can read lying in a comfortable position.

Sandwich bed:

sandwich bed, creative beds for modern interior
sandwich bed
Themed interiors are becoming increasingly popular in children's bedrooms. Super Power fascinate kids, and each of them have their favorite character in the bedroom - a real dream. But themed interiors are popular not only among children. Bed sandwich can be found in chain hotels FantaSuite Hotels. Funny and very original interior of the room looks like a dining table in the restaurant, which is served on a plate with a sandwich. Are on the table and other products: mustard, ketchup, napkins. Diversity helps make life less boring and more diverse.

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Sonic Bed:

sonic bed, creative beds for modern interior
sonic bed
sonic bed, creative beds for modern interior
sonic bed
In such a bed everyone can distract from external noise appearing deaf and take a nap. Sound king bed with 12-channel surround sound. Bed really looks like a very large, because inside it has a lot of mattresses, speakers, amplifiers, cables and thick enough volume for perfect sound and acoustics.

Floating Bed:

floating bed, creative beds for modern interior
floating bed
Bed called floating because there is a little above the floor level. No cables, no rope for fixing this bed is not used. This console bed that looks great in a modern interior.