Kitchen Island designs, ideas - Top tips and trends

I will give you many ideas to design an island in your kitchen with many Island kitchen designs, ideas in different styles and pictures .

After that I talked about Create French country kitchen designs and provided many of Elegant white kitchen designs , today i write about kitchen island and offer many ideas for kitchen island designs.

Kitchen Island Designs that you'll love!

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? What you always have in mind is to try to gain more space , since the kitchen is perhaps one of the rooms where one more time passes, that's why in this post I will give you many ideas to design an island in your kitchen and so make the most of it.

A dining area in kitchen island designs:

We all have a daily routine and it is difficult to maintain family ties, so if you're looking to get those moments to share with your loved ones, a good idea is to design an kitchen island with a small dining area. thus can keep everyone eats breakfast by his side, plus you facilitate washing dishes because everything is much closer.

classic style kitchen island design, white kitchen
classic style kitchen island design, white kitchen
If you have a classic kitchen, you can also design an island kitchen designs . Not only is modern kitchens, as you can see, it's all about maximizing the space available. These designs can also facilitate cooperation when cooking, can be beneficial for both workdays to weekends.

You can use kitchen island table , to cook too, as you can see a pipe in the middle, it would not be a bad idea. The chairs must be part of the decor, too. They are generally high chairs , but they can also be banks, depends on how high the table of the kitchen island . I always recommend an average height, to allow you to cook too.

Island kitchen designs and styles ( dining area ):

All kitchens are different, some may have a classic or rustic style and be made ​​primarily of wood, others may be smarter and take details of majolica. Modern kitchens are usually minimalist style and classic styles are recharged, they can also bring rustic or vintage styles.

Minimalist style kitchen island :

The minimalist style has few details, is for people who likes sober . They say that elegance is in the discretion of the simplicity, I usually recommend this style to the extremely neat people as I am sure you will feel very comfortable with this type of design.

minimalist style kitchen island designs, ideas
minimalist style kitchen island designs, ideas

Rustic Style kitchen island :

This style of kitchen island is typical of the lodges or the beach house (Although at present for these home, also modern styles are used). Rustic designs usually have a main piece of wood as the truth can be very cute and quaint.

rustic style kitchen island design, ideas
rustic style kitchen island design
This type of kitchens, as you can see at the top is a place where you can hang pots and other utensils . As I said, the most important thing is to make the most space.

Modern and elegant style kitchen island :

Modern kitchen island is usually very spacious and c on fine finishes. island can also design your kitchen for under this style let me show you some beautiful pictures!

modern kitchen island design, ideas with dining area
modern kitchen island design
The table, as you can see can be circular in shape and have several compartments to accommodate several things , like dishes, fruits or vegetables I recommend this style!

modern kitchen island design, ideas,white kitchen
modern kitchen island design
Hope that helps you choose the perfect kitchen island designs for your kitchen . Remember that the main thing is to go in harmony with the main decoration of your house that does not clash Luck!