Electric fire and fireplace - Top Tips for choosing

Do't know how to choose the electric fire and fireplace ? I explain special tips for choosing right electric fire for your home

For centuries, fire has been a source of heat and light in people's homes. In this home not only solves practical problems, but also was the heart of the house, gathering around him all households in the cold winter evenings.

Today, in the era of mega-cities people still like to watch the fire burning and some "spiritual" level home is pleasant warm fireplace than a radiator.

The modern accommodation can not establish homes biofuel fireplaces or even more firewood, but the decorative electric fireplaces can solve this problem. To learn how to select it, we'll talk in today's article.

Electric fire and fireplace - Top Tips for choosing
Electric fire and fireplace - Top Tips for choosing

Structural types of electric fireplaces

The first thing worth considering when selecting the heater, so this is where it will be installed. After all, from its location will depend on the choice of the type of the heater.

Outdoor electric heater :

Outdoor electric fireplace - it is a complete solution that does not require lining installation fireplace portal, frame or inline niches and different design simplicity and mobility. In turn, outdoor fireplaces delati into several types: ladders, standing (to simulate "small stoves"). The first type - set up against the wall (front) or a corner ( corner electric fireplace ). The second type - freestanding fireplace that can be placed in any position desired.

Outdoor electric fireplace - a good solution for small spaces, in particular apartments, because they do not require additional installation, and if necessary it can be easily moved to another location or even remove the summer period.

electric fireplace, Outdoor electric heater

wall hung electric fires:

Hinged or as it is called wall - type electric fireplaces, which are mounted directly on the wall. Outwardly, this type of electric fireplaces reminds slim TV, in some cases it can be directly embedded into the wall. The advantages of the heater wall can be attributed to decorative effect, the possibility of heating small areas, it may partly serve as fixture.

Regarding space heating should be replaced, that due to their small size wall mounted electric fireplace allocates relatively little heat, and sometimes it is purely decorative nature without heating function. This type of electric fireplaces is primarily for those who want to decorate your house or apartment.

electric fireplace, wall hung electric fires

Recessed electric fireplace

Recessed electric fireplace heater mounted in a specially prepared niche in the wall, or what happens more often embedded in the fireplace portal, creating almost an exact copy of the fireplace. Portals for embedded electric fireplaces are made from all popular materials such as wood, stone, metal or ceramic that allows you to create the illusion of the apartment country house.

Recessed fireplaces along with floor can be used for decorative purposes as well as for the full space heating, but it is important to remember that the thickness of fireplace portals begins with more than 30 centimeters, which is critical for small apartments.

electric fire, Recessed electric fireplace

Electric fire Heating capacity :

In most cases, the maximum power of modern electric fireplaces do not exceed 2 kW, which makes it quite effectively heat the room up to 20 square meters. m and thus do not require a separate line to the wiring itself. In the scenery when the electric fire heater does not heat up, its power consumption is not more than 100-200 watts.

From the above it can be concluded that if you consider the electric heater only for decorative purposes, then you should choose a fireplace with a minimum power in order to save electricity, or stop by the combined model. If you need space heating, consider a more powerful model of 1 kW.

It's important
Before installing the electric heater with a capacity of 2 kilowatts or more, you should check the quality of the wiring and the maximum load on the network, which is especially important in rural areas and old houses where the use of multiple devices with high power, for example, ranges and the heater at the same time, can cause serious faults in the electrical network.

Electric fireplace Flame realism

The third paragraph of this article, though not a "functional", nevertheless deserves special attention because many get electros just because of the aesthetic component, because the heat room, in the end, it is possible and conventional heater, and not to acquire for this fireplace.

There are several approaches to simulate fire in electric fireplaces, which are significantly different level of realism, which consequently affects the price.

Electric fireplace Flame realism, electric fire

In the first case the fake logs or coal , made ​​from transparent plastic or painted glass, which is installed inside the bulb to highlight, and the effect of "corruption" is achieved by using reflective screens. 
This option is an economical solution and it looks like so, not very realistic , moreover, it can not simulate the fire, but only smoldering logs or coals.

For the more expensive models with simulated fire using complex systems of reflecting mirrors, silk ribbons or strips of foil , thereby achieving greater realism.

Advice for choosing electric fires:

Choosing a fireplace, ask the seller to include consultant highlighting the heater at maximum capacity, so will be better seen all his "flaws", and then examine the quality imitation fire at close range