The best original Shoe storage solution and ideas

The best Shoe storage solution and 6 of the best shoe storage ideas 2014, for each one asking How can store shoes at home , today i offer 6 of the great shoe storage solution, creative shoe storage, hanging shoe storage, shoe storage box and boxes, shoe storage rack and shoe storage shelves

Good shoes has never been cheap pleasure, neither in the era of shoe storage or now - during binge competition. Nevertheless, we have learned to understand the quality and benefit from it a real pleasure. Now another problem: where to place it. The most expensive and favorite, as well as everything else, more democratic and everyday. Agree, not too pleasant for 5 minutes before leaving the house to find that the weather has changed dramatically, and the desired pair of shoes is in the depths of the cabinet, in one of the boxes, similar to each other as twins.

Meanwhile, there are several convenient ways to shoe storage ideas and many shoe storage solution so that it can be easy to find, and keep in decent form. Meet: our new collection for anyone who loves the shoe storage ideas and shoe storage solution 2014 .

the best shoe storage solution and ideas 2014

Shoe storage box:

One of the shoe storage solution that we are familiar - shoeboxes or shoe storage box ,You can use the factory or buy special. In the second case, they are specially made with transparent side to without taking shoes, you can easily discover what's inside.

If you are using shoe storage box bought - you can also facilitate the process of finding the right pair. Option 1 - labels describing (the "what" and "whose"), option 2 - mini-pictures that you can do yourself, and print on the printer and plain paper. shoe storage box is one of the best way of shoe storage solution and one of the original shoe storage ideas

shoe storage boxes ,shoe storage solution ideas

shoe storage boxes ,shoe storage solution ideas

Shoe storage rack:

Shoe storage rack - the first "civilized" way to shoe storing, which has gained popularity due to the low price and a minimum of space for accommodation. Could be put in the lobby and in the locker room. There are totally open models of metal and doors - MDF. Racks are good for shoe storage for the season, it is not too roomy. this is the second way of shoe storage solutions and ideas .

shoe storage rack ,shoe storage solution ideas

Shoe storage shelves:

Shoe storage shelves ,Optimally, of course, retractable shelves and special compartments in cloakrooms. If space is enough - it's the ideal way to shoe storage. Shelves are good and that is - almost the only way to comfortably accommodate boots (except the box).

shoe storage shelves ,shoe storage solution ideas

Shoe storage boxes:

Shoe storage boxes may be an ordinary chest drawers or special containers with a handle that you can hide, such as under bed shoe storage. And if you have a private home - you can be creative and make steps stairs storage space, including - unseasonal shoes. it's good way of shoe storage ideas and solution.

shoe storage drawer ,shoe storage solution ideas

under bed shoe storage ,shoe storage solution ideas

Shoe storage ideas:

Hanging shoe storage, The most famous manufacturer like us hanging " pockets-shelf " on the basis of tissue - it's Ikea . Plus - at a low price and the possibility to hang on even ordinary post in the wardrobe. There is a flat  pattern, in which the footwear is placed vertically, they can even be hung on a door. The only disadvantage of this Shoe storage solution - that they get dirty quickly and fairly narrow, so in our opinion, are best suited for summer shoes and slippers replacement.

shoe storage ideas,shoe storage solution

Creative shoe storage ideas:

A more creative shoe storage individuals come to mind quite unusual ideas. For example, look at your most beautiful shoes (dress shoes) as the art object and hung on the wall cornice, stumbled against the heel. To enhance the effect cornice can be painted in a bright color or paint with metallic effect.

creative shoe storage ideas,shoe storage solution

creative shoe storage ideas,shoe storage solution