10 Small kitchen ideas, designs, furniture and solutions

To date, there is a lot of information on small kitchen ideas and solution and small kitchen furniture. But there are some basic rules that will make it quickly and efficiently.

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It should be noted that the small kitchen is considered the area of ​​which is less than 8 meters kitchens or irregular shape or narrow communicating. For each of these options, you can pick up your furniture and equipment that will make the small kitchen both beautiful and functional.

Small kitchen ideas

creative small kitchen ideas - black and yellow color combination
Location technology  - primarily, I want to talk about small kitchen appliances. they should be located so as not to hinder the passage. Best of all, if it is built, and will create a uniform composition with a kitchen unit. The working surface for ease of operation should be between 3 to 6 meters. This can be achieved, after having thought, if necessary, transfer of sink, stove and refrigerator. This is not too difficult, but in the future it will provide maximum comfort during cooking.

small kitchen ideas - cabinets and appliances in 2 square meters
Small kitchen ideas of furniture are necessary to think about or cooker hob was not near a sink. It is best if between them will have at least a small part of a bedside table or countertop.

small kitchen ideas - sink beside the window
small kitchen ideas: Cooking surface also should not be placed close to the window, because it can lead to blowing flames and unintended consequences.

small kitchen ideas - appliances integrated with cabinets
When you create a small kitchen interior you should take care of the correct location of the oven.
In most models, the door opens forward, so you need to make sure that when you open it to the opposite wall was more than a meter. important small kitchen ideas

Small kitchen furniture ideas

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wooden small kitchen furniture and refrigerator on one wall 
Small kitchen Furniture  - high elements of kitchen units, such as "foam" or a refrigerator, it is best placed at the edges of the work surface to avoid interruption.

small kitchen furniture ideas in red color
Picking up the wall cabinets for a small kitchen and choosing their location, you must first take into account the growth of the owners of the apartment. Wall cabinets need to hang so that they can easily reach all members of the family, and at the same time it was impossible for them to slam their heads. They are usually placed at a height of 60 inches from the countertop.

small kitchen furniture solutions - shelves in cabinet edges
small kitchen furniture without higher cabinets

Small kitchen design solutions

open small kitchen design on single wall
With regard to the space above the cooking surface, it is better not to hang cabinets, and arrange them on the hood. This arrangement of home appliances and furniture will make a small kitchen design maximum functionality and you will greatly reduce the time for cooking and subsequent cleaning of the kitchen.
Doorway in a small kitchen design  - to be more practical to use a small kitchen space is necessary to "work" with the doorway, if possible. It is clear that conventional doors will be too impractical and would take up too much space.

small kitchen design - wooden cabinets with integrated appliances
The best way out may be to expand the doorway in a small kitchen design, creating a beautiful arch, creating the impression of more space, use of light curtains (eg, curtains, yarn for the kitchen) or sliding doors. Moreover, the use of sliding doors or curtains will be preferable, because it will prevent the spread of odors throughout the apartment.