8 Luxury bed linens in galaxy style

Do you want those luxury bed linens for your own bed?
The designer Jail Betray has a series full of beautiful Galaxy bed linens and sheets that provide us a feel for a comfortable sleep under the stars. Each bed linen has high-resolution print of a swirling galaxy, cloudy mist or mystical moon. Betray offers nine different styles of luxury bed linens, all include a duvet cover, bed sheet and two pillowcases.

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Galaxy luxury bed linens for great bedroom atmosphere

galaxy luxury bed linen for space world
That is certainly the perfect gift for your lover! Change the whole atmosphere in the bedroom, by applying extraordinary bed linens. This allows you to add fantastic, fabulous look to your room. Translucent effect, magic color combinations and soft home furnishings combined into one - physics and astronomy in these luxury bed linens can fascinate everyone. This way you can upset your aesthetic sense.

blue sky bed linens for luxury bedroom
luxury bed linens in galaxy style
luxury bed linens for green galaxy bedroom