10 Dressing table designs for luxury bedroom interior

What belongs to the bedroom except the bed and the wardrobe? Ask a man and he will nod his head and give up, but If you ask a lady she will know exactly what's missing ... her luxury dressing table, of course! See what we have prepared especially for our dear ladies :)
Dressing table designs - Luxury bedroom furniture mandatory for ladies!

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Dressing table designs with mirrors in luxury bedrooms

black dressing table design with round mirror in luxury bedroom
Of course, we start with a piece of history that we have learned: The original name of these ladies furniture was Poudreuse (fr, even dressing table.). This piece started to be used in a 17th-century, which had its heyday in the 18th century, was further developed and was often made very refined. Later, the mirror an inseparable element that could be opened and superscript was at the center of the top plate. Often these dressing tables were equipped with numerous drawers and storage. Sometimes they were also combined with a desk or reading table. During the 19th century it was fortified with a three-piece, on the disk mirror came into use. This type of dressing table designs has survived to modern times.

Original dressing table design with large mirror
Today, 10 of dressing table designs. You can, for example, choose a classic dressing table for luxury bedroom or opt for a more modern and creative

Luxury dressing table design ideas - large mirror small table
The previous dressing table design is suitable for people who love creativity and original designs in their home interior design, but this design isn't suitable for whom bedrooms with functionality priority.

Luxury bedroom furniture - large dressing table design
classic dressing table design with original chair
luxury dressing table design - 3 layers of mirrors
dressing table design in beige luxury bedroom