Kitchen drawer systems to equipment your kitchen

Today, housewives have a great opportunity to make even the smallest room on the area comfortable and convenient pull-out system, drawers and shelves for arranging kitchen

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Kitchen equipment - a difficult task. In this room, it is important to observe not only the unity design, comfort and beauty, but also the ergonomics of space. Particularly acute issue of rational use of space felt in small areas of the premises, Which simply can not fit all the necessary kitchen furniture and accessories.

Kitchen drawer systems and pull out drawers and shelves
Kitchen drawer systems to equipment kitchen
Given that work in the kitchen just needs a lot of utensils, crockery and technical appliances, kitchens in small apartments often look cluttered. Until recently, the problem of lack of usable space in the kitchen area is solved by hanging shelves and space-saving furniture. Today, however, housewives have a great opportunity to make even the smallest room on the area comfortable and convenient pull-out system for picking up food. Boxes, baskets and other sliding mechanisms will help to equip the kitchen most ergonomic way, ensuring a pleasant job for cooking and not less pleasant meal. Such modern systems today and tell " Dream House " in this publication.

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, Drawer system for the kitchen

How to equip a kitchen pull-out systems

Modern kitchen drawer system allows maximum use of every inch of space, without cluttering up space. System mounted in furniture in a way that apparently does not increase their area, allowing embody the most intricate designs.

Drawer system for the kitchen - the most common way to save space. Typically, they are mounted inside or outdoor hanging cabinets. When you open the cabinet door from its depths, there is one or more multi-level boxes for storage of a wide variety of kitchen appliances. Drawer advantage is that when you open them fully rolled out to the outside, which allows it to fill the back area. In this embedded fasteners hold open drawer in position, preventing it from coming out.

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, kitchen cabinet with drawers

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, pull out kitchen drawers

Pull-out kitchen drawers may have different sizes and different internal sections, which is convenient to store a particular utensils . Sometimes when you open a door put forward all the boxes, so the hostess can immediately see them and take the necessary thing.

Equip cabinets with drawers so you need to about the working surface are all the necessary facilities. For example, under the worktop can be for the kitchen drawer in which to store the cutlery, utensils , cutting boards, etc. Plate should be fitted around a bulky sections that will be convenient to store pans , pots, pans, etc.

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, corner drawers for kitchen

Interesting analogue boxes are sliding Base Filler Pull Out kitchen. They differ from the preceding systems is only in size. Typically, the width does not exceed the design Base Filler Pull Out 15-20cm, which allows it to be mounted in tight spaces where a conventional wardrobe just will not fit. Inside is Base Filler Pull Out several sections for storage bottlenecks and higher things.

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, Base Filler Pull Out

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, Wardrobe Base Filler Pull Out

Good assistants in the design of a small kitchen area are sliding baskets for the kitchen. Most often, wicker baskets, which complement the kitchen interesting design accents set in racks that are rolled out, sliding on rails. Depending on the functional purpose, wire basket can be installed in both the upper and the lower boxes. This element is essential for the storage of products that require ventilation, such as vegetables or bread.

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, wire basket

Additional kitchen drawer system

In addition to boxes and baskets for storage in the kitchen desperately needed many tools that facilitate the process of cooking, cleaning the kitchen and eating. Let's look at a few of these systems, which can be safely called ergonomic design ideas for kitchen.

1. Drawer chopping boards

Pull-out cutting board is mounted inside the countertop and if necessary extends it. This familiar kitchen accessory in an unusual interpretation often equipped with an additional container in which it is convenient to collect the crumbs or chop vegetables for a salad. If the size countertop, it is mounted in several boards of different materials, such as plastic and wood.

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, Pull-out cutting board

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, Pull-out cutting board

2- Retractable table

Is an indispensable addition to a very small kitchen , which is impossible to build a dining area. Extendable table can be built into the countertop or in drawers under it, or climb up and set on foot.

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, retractable table in the kitchen

3- carousel storage system

Most often takes the form of kitchen furniture Latin letter L. Accordingly, it has a roomy, but not particularly comfortable corner cabinets. The disadvantage of these lockers is the inaccessibility and the inability to fill the entire surface, if the cabinet is at the top. The system of Carousel allows you to easily solve this problem. System design or mounted to the door or to the side wall of the enclosure, and at the opening of a fully extend it. Department section let you store in such a system the most diverse dishes and utensils - from plates, glasses and cutlery to pots and pans.

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, extendable kitchen carousel

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, carousel system for kitchen

4. Drawer bins for kitchen

Traditionally, the bins are installed under the sink. Pull-out bins for the kitchen, as well as boxes, can be attached to the back of the door or placed on a shelf, travels on rails. Some models dumpsters when the door is opened the lid is lifted automatically.

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, bin cabinet door

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, drawer bin for kitchen

5. Narrow vertical drawers for storage devices

Narrow vertical box is usually installed near the sink or stove. In these boxes no shelves and grids, but they are perfect for storing all kitchen appliances. The sliding mechanism is similar to those boxes Filler Pull out that we discussed above.

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, filler pull out for kitchen

pull out drawers,pull out shelves, drawer system for kitchen

Other sliding systems, mechanisms and sections for kitchen

Depending on the layout of the kitchen, almost all of its sliding elements can be opened both directly and at an angle. Also to save a small space can be used retractable hood for the kitchen , pull-out ironing board or even pull cupboard. All the guide elements of such systems are made ​​so that the door shelves and open smoothly without making a single sound.

Using the pull-fangled system for the kitchen, you can equip this room most convenient and comfortable, regardless of the number of free meters. Moreover, all these details filled modern and minimalist kitchen, allowing you to realize any design ideas.