Decorative indoor plants in the interior of apartments and houses

Top tips and trends for indoor plants decorations, Houseplants or indoor plants are a very elegant apartment interior decoration element and able to create an atmosphere of harmony and peace in the house. Thanks living room flowers, indoors created and maintained a natural and useful for microclimate.

For example, sansevieriya, philodendron and dracaena maintain oxygen balance, and ivy, dracaena, aloe and all sorts of varieties of figs, clean indoor air contaminants from a variety of toxic substances.

Decorative indoor plants, indoor plants,houseplants,furnishing plants
Decorative indoor plants in the interior of apartments and houses

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Furnishings indoor plants decorations:

Indisputable advantage of indoor plants is that they maintain the relative humidity level in the room near fifty percent, which is extremely valuable during the heating season. Eliminates the need for humidifiers.

For correctly handling the apartment interior decorative plants, designers give some basic guidelines.

basic guidelines for decorative indoor plants:

  • Fresh flowers should be selected properly and tastefully.
  • Necessary to provide adequate care and proper development of plants.

When constructing apartments, we often prefer a flowering plant species. And here is crucial reasonable selection of species and varieties of green spaces that can decorate the interior of the apartment throughout the year.

  • Winter blooming orchid, begonia, cyclamen and azaleas;
  • Spring blooming kalanchoe, Gloxinia, erharis, room and maple kampanula izofila;
  • Summer blooms hang-downing pelargonium, Hoya (wax ivy), agapanthus - flower of love;
  • Their autumn colors, we are pleased Saintpaulia (violet uzumbarskiye), Indian azalea, calla Ethiopian and Korean chrysanthemum.

Indoor decoration often used and deciduous species plantations, such as common myrtle, tsiperus, Fats, laurel and sansevieriya. Deciduous plants, which are used to complement the overall design should have a graceful silhouette and the original form of the leaves.

Picturesquely hanging down branches ample plants, quite exquisitely complement the interior. Among such plants are Kalanchoe flowered, leafless spurge and Kohler. Planted in a beautiful wall vases, they are able to create an extraordinary atmosphere in the room.

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Decorative indoor plants, indoor plants,houseplants,living room plants

Every growing indoor plants, indoors is necessary to maintain a certain humidity, air temperature and most importantly - good natural light.

When choosing potted plants should be remembered that there are harmful and even poisonous to human health species, such as oleander, hyacinth, lily and magnolia.

When choosing flowers for the decoration of the room, you must consider its purpose, size and location of windows in relation to the cardinal.

  • For the living room, it is best to use the larger species, such as, lemon tree, palm and ficus.
  • In order to emphasize the business environment and create comfort in the office, would be appropriate tall plants in combination with decorative and flowering species.
  • The bedroom and the nursery look great variegated forms of Chlorophytum, begonia tuber, filodedron, anthurium and Aucuba japonica.

To organize indoor plants very good use special supports various shapes, and large plants can be put on the floor in a wicker basket.

And most importantly - do not forget that flowers need love, that's when they do not just decorate a room, but also recreate in your home cozy atmosphere of warmth and life.