Suspended ceiling installation with his hands

Suspended ceiling Installation with his hands with professional tips and will answer about how to install suspended ceiling in your home 

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How to install suspended ceiling :

Installation of suspended ceiling with his hands made by screwing it to the carrier profile attached to the wall. Metal profile is several times stronger than the profile of the tree, and thus they can be adjusted with an accuracy of 1 mm.

Suspended ceiling installation with his hands
Suspended ceiling installation

Suspended ceiling can have several levels. 

When installing plasterboard ceiling should:

  1.  First of all, on the perimeter of the room, on the walls set the carrier profiles. 
  2.  Then the ceiling, at a distance of long sheets of drywall, you must attach the other carrier profiles. 
  3.  Between bearing profiles attached transverse profiles in order to strengthen the structure. 
  4.  In the middle of all the suspension system must be attached to the ceiling in addition to special hangers. It must be done in order to not cave ceiling.

For suspended ceilings can be hidden pipes, communication, and make the room more harmonious.

Metal profiles in the harness are good that mount ceiling with his hands and can not professional.

After fixing the sheets of drywall, you must joints between the sheets for this sealed their paper tape. It is recommended also to caulk or screw heads. These places need to putty several times, giving the previous layer to dry putty and sanded it. After completion of the entire ceiling putty should once again sanded, removing any excess putty with a spatula.

Gap that remains between the ceiling and the wall need repaired acrylic mass. Its not necessarily putty.

Connect sheets of cardboard for suspended ceiling

The gap between the sheets are sealed paper and putty. At first it is necessary to fill the gap putty plaster, and then push the paper into a mass that is not yet dry. 
It is necessary to strengthen the connections. Once the first layer has dried, the second must be applied to the paper by filling irregularities. At the third need leveled entire surface at zero, let it dry and sanded.