Make unusual glass lamps from recycled glass

If you don't know how you can recycle glass ? I will provide the best ways to make glass lamps from recycled glass and how you can recycling it

Recycling work ever more present in our lives. In our homes we have several bins conveniently designed to separate waste we generate in our daily lives.

Always tell the multitude of objects that can be done with what discard and throw away, but until now had not seen anything so beautiful. This is a small lamp made ​​with recycled glass that I've loved.

Make unusual glass lamps from recycled glass

These small sconces or lamps that plug directly into the wall (note the switch having to power them). Such lamps are very useful at home as provide indirect light to it. They can be located in a hallway or as a guiding light for children who have to get up at night to go to the bathroom.

On a basis of recycled glass have been fixing with glue pieces of glass of different colors . In the first case has been recreated a flower in full detail: the green stems, flower in blue and purple color on background blue sky . This is the option I like.

In the second case it is an abstract recreation consists of several colors: brown, green, and blue transparent . 

Make unusual glass lamps from recycled glass

You can make lamps and chandeliers with other ways, for example :

With a little imagination

If you have enough inventiveness perhaps you imagine this lamp recreates a country landscape : foreground cultivated land would be brown-and then a slope of a green mountain . On the horizon of blue sky and sunlight is seen in the transparent glass and the bulb is appreciated.

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