ideal teen room decor for modern girls - color explosion

 teen room in bright colors decor

Not all girls dream of a teen room decorated in shades of pink, with white furniture or textile timber with clear and delicate prints. There are also modern girls who prefer an explosive mixture of intense colors,  like purple, green, fuchsia, turquoise, and fun accessories and textile prints that make your bedroom your private retreat, a modern, youthful and casual space.

Modern teen room decor:

furniture for teen room decor

Furniture for a teen room

If any room of the house is important to have storage space in the bedroom of a young girl more. Grab hide valuable furniture storage areas without subtracting square footage to the teen room. remember that modular furniture are always a perfect choice because it not only adapt to the dimensions of the room but also the needs of your daughter, as years go complying need more cupboards and drawers for clothes, shoes and handbags. (And you know it!). modular composition  Stuva and headboard Flaxa with open shelves and removable storage module with hidden wheels. All of Ikea.

ons for teen room decor

Accessories and Lighting for teen room

If pinks and pastel colors are not your thing, wicker baskets and lamps with fabric shades less. Find accessories to go with your style and personality. a convenient place to store jewelry and accessories , and light garland finfin with colored dots of different sizes to create a very special atmosphere in the room.

accessories for teen room decor

Maintaining in the teen room

Clothing, handkerchiefs and scarves, books and magazines, bags, films ... many things! Of all the auxiliaries necessary furniture in the room of a young girl, the supplements that help you organize your clothes and accessories are essential. Of course, a traditional rack is not enough What a dummy which leave the clothes ready for the next day? In this case, the rack Napen , Ikea has a lilac dress with sleeve. The boxes are always a perfect allies, and if they also take much better wheels. The photo is the model Vessla .

Textiles fun for teen room decor

Textiles fun to put a casual touch

Forget flowers, pictures vichy and other subtle prints. If your daughter is a fan of colorful and modern decorations no doubt that funny reasons, as well as cushions and pillows to stay away from the traditional models are your thing. Cushions Vannerna from Ikea .