Eco friendly and modern homes

Latest trends of modern home and houses in Eco friendly style and green home designs and ideas, how to create Eco friendly home for 2014

Interior Decorating Today we talk about the importance and characteristics of eco friendly houses, what benefits they can offer and how you can find one that is more suited to your needs and your dreams are. Houses that are fully equipped with everything necessary to live normally while working with the environment . Let's see how are the ecological and modern houses.

eco friendly homes, modern houses, green home

Eco friendly houses in modern style:

eco friendly homes, modern houses, green home

To talk about green homes always have to seek the services of a specialized company. One who is committed to green and sustainable building and using the right materials to say that we are really living in a house that is 100% organic.

Green homes, like any other, using some materials that are natural but always try to find alternatives whose composition does not involve elements that may contaminate or have been taken directly from nature.

Anyway we can find for example, that in an eco friendly house logic they have used wood to build something that is not unusual when you consider that many companies green homes use wood from forests created for logging and subsequent construction of housing but will also repopulated so as not to have to cut more trees.

Another feature of green homes is that is Uelen have solar panels so you do not have to use any electricity to "feed". This makes our home becomes a small plant in which the electricity take sun. The panels are usually placed on the roof of the house but sometimes standing in the patio or lawn depending on the orientation of the sun.

As you will see in the pictures is what you are trying to take advantage of sunlight to enjoy a  lower cost of electricity , and not only that, but also to  heat  the home through solar panels.

In turn, you will enjoy during longer  daylight  over artificial that undoubtedly better quality of life!

On the other hand, green homes are designed to take advantage of the rain water , which can be used for domestic use, for watering gardens or for whatever you want! While human waste water will be purified through a water treatment plant is usually installed underground.

Regarding Eco friendly style you can see:

Design on green homes and eco friendly:

eco friendly homes, modern houses, green home

You have a green house is not opposed to enjoy a modern design eco friendly houses , moreover, we can find wooden houses that are modeled on the houses that are built in the United States, Canada and the countries of the North of Europe, which the outside looks quite rustic but inside are completely modern.

Having a green home is also quite expensive considering it is fully equipped and adapted to use alternatives such as saving energy or water, are dream homes , a paradise that seems unimaginable but may be perfectly to your reach if we think that in the long run will save money but will not have expenses such as the electricity bill.

We also have to mention the design of the exterior of the eco friendly and modern homes because increasingly, is being viewed as betting on having a green roof . I mean, who along with the solar panels can place grass or other vegetation so that the climate of the house will be much cooler and it can get to grow in our roof and reduce flood Riester.