How beautiful art deco style fit in a modern interior

beautiful art deco style in modern interior bedroom
beautiful art deco style in modern interior bedroom
Art Deco style in the interior - a rather pompous and pretentious. Stand it "pure" is difficult - it requires an enormous effort, space and financial investments. Yes, and the current trend toward eclecticism and mixing all kinds of elements from different styles completely obliges us to adhere to well-established in the books on the theory of style rules.

beautiful art deco style fit in a modern interior, golden mirror
beautiful art deco style fit in a modern interior
If you like the style of Art Deco, but you do not want to use in your own home too many characteristic elements it - this article is for you. Here we talk about what methods can be entered in a modern interior certain subjects inherent Deco.

Create Art deco style in modern interior design:

Use golden and chrome plating :

golden and chrome plating art deco style in modern interior
golden and chrome plating art deco style
The art deco style is very pathetic. He says solvency threshold hosts and indicates a high standard of living. First of all, decide what color you prefer - gold or silver.

With elections items silver shades chrome plated no problems, but the gold plating is presented, not all manufacturers of accessories and mixers, for example. And those who have it in stock, pricing policies have average or above average. Take this into consideration.

It's important :
Do not confuse the chrome and satin. Both are cold metallic gray tint. But chromium - practically mirror with a high degree of reflection. Satin is more matte. It is more practical, because it does not leave marks prints, but it looks easy and Deco is not used.

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Irregularly shaped piece of furniture or design :

art deco style in modern interior, black furniture in bedroom

The interiors of residential premises is not recommended too experimenting with form and color. But if you do focus on any one element in the room, it will even be correct and only add to her colorful and original. It can be an interesting shape or console stand. Also in the Art Deco is often used gorgeous dressers convex shape. A recent relevant mirror furniture - bedside tables, cupboards and low secretaries.

Original features  of Art deco:

creative bed and headboard art deco style in modern interior
creative bed and headboard in art deco style
If you look closely, almost all the furniture in the Art Deco style, stands on a very beautiful legs. Often they are quite massive, often - a convex shape. That's why, if you purchase any piece of furniture with legs shaped like this, success is guaranteed - you may find that another element in interior design art deco became more.

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Animal prints :

animal prints, art deco style in modern interior design
animal prints art deco style in interior design
In the art deco prints well to use with imitation animal skins. It looks particularly zebra, cow and tiger. Prints of this kind can also be used for decorative cushions covers, upholstery of chairs and chairs or other pieces of furniture design.

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Black and other dark shades :

black and dark shades interior design, art deco style in interior
black and dark shades in art deco style
Black style in interior design - it is very stylish and bold simultaneously. If you do not have a well-lit large room, it is not recommended to make out in a similar color scheme of the wall. But some specific areas or furniture in dark color will look very appropriate.

Art deco is very mysterious and enigmatic, so basic shades have life more smoky, dark and preferably consisting of a mixture of several colors - for example, aubergine and lavender and brown or black. Gamma this dramatic, but if you use it correctly and in small proportions, it will make your interior is very interesting and unusual.

Chic mirror in art deco style :

chic wall mirror, art deco style in modern interior
chic mirror art deco style
Another feature of the Art Deco style - chic mirror. Large size and complex shape, in a beautiful thick frames. Place the floor full length mirror in the hallway, in the dressing room. Smaller mirror can be hung on the console or dresser. Also will look good in this style mirror in the bathroom, when instead of the standard minimalist mirror with lighting over the sink inside you locate such a masterpiece.

Advice :
The bedroom will look good decor of mirror elements placed over the head. Can also be purchased, for example, three identical small mirrors form a "fish eye" and arrange them in a row horizontally or vertically.

Geometric patterns :

art deco geometric patterns, art deco style in modern interior
art deco geometric patterns
" In an Art Deco geometric patterns often use - lines which mostly flat, and the corners - right "

Simple, with clear outlines and understandable forms. It may be equivalent strip cell , circles and zigzags.

Close decor :

art deco style in modern interior, large mirror,black table lamp

Deco promotes courage. So leave all the small items and gifts in boxes. Because the dimensions more appropriate here.

" Large floor vases, huge canvases and pictures in frames - these are the most typical of Art Deco design elements "

If you are decorating for the same shelf purchase several vases can buy all absolutely identical. Using the same element 2 or 3 times close to each other always looks very stylish.

Massive lighting element :

silver table, table lamps, art deco style in modern interior
massive lighting element
If you want to get the Art Deco atmosphere in its interior, buy lighting elements large enough. Chandeliers are good with lots of horns with dark shades , table lamp with ornate base on a long stalk. If you have planned other than the functional and decorative lighting sources, you have a great chance to add an interior interesting exhibits. Fortunately, manufacturers are not devoid of imagination and unconventional choice and lampshades quite large.