7 Smart designs of L-shaped kitchen

Add a few tips to decorate a small kitchen to your family more impressive decor and personality to the kitchen.

Design and decorate the L-shaped kitchen is one of the popular kitchen designs today. If you want to try arranging furniture L-shaped, let's make a new and impressive L-shaped kitchen designs, layouts and ideas for your home.

Smart designs of L-shaped kitchen, brown kitchen
Smart designs of L-shaped kitchen

L-shaped kitchen designs and layouts:

Simple white L-shaped kitchen design:

Due to area homeowners and architects should have the choice of interior decoration and L-shaped cabinets for kitchens . System furniture, kitchen cabinets are connected together in an L-shaped kitchen and decorated with white as the dominant creating spacious and airy space.

l-shaped kitchen designs, simple white kitchen
simple white L-shaped kitchen design
The floor of the cabinet system was selected artificial stone material brings elegance and clean for the cooking space. Besides, the kitchen still is not creating a warm and friendly atmosphere when the kitchen floor tiles with natural wood materials.

The kitchen personality :

L-shaped kitchen designs, red and white kitchen layouts
red and white L-shaped kitchen design
Use a simple layout with an L-shaped, trend applies kitchen decor retro style to create beauty and striking personality to the space. The entire system was selected Wood cabinets painted white, wood-paneled kitchen surface light brown color helps more space and gently playful. To create more room for personality traits, architects have chosen and selected gray tone checkerboard tiles to create quality classical space.

The kitchen youthful :

L-shaped kitchen designs, stylish white kitchen
stylish L-shaped kitchen layout
The combination of the two traditional colors red - white but still create something new and eye-catching for people to step into the kitchen. Strokes of pure color and illuminated ceiling was chosen as the dominant color and highlight impressed by the red L-shaped kitchen counter contouring youthful enthusiasm for the room.

Small L-shaped kitchen:

small L-shaped kitchen designs, red and white kitchens
small L-shaped kitchen design
With a modest area, still decorate the interior of L-shaped kitchen but the arrangement collapsed to match the area of ​​the kitchen. Systems connected to the kitchen cabinets breakfast bar pretty small room cooking more convenient.

Elegant kitchen with neutral colors :

L-shaped kitchen in neutral colors 2014
L-shaped kitchen in neutral colors
Still arranged in an L-shaped but simply choose neutral colors for open space and more. A kitchen is the smart layout with a small kitchen cabinet system and fit the shape of the room.

L-shaped Kitchen classic style :

L-shaped kitchen in classic style, grey and white kitchen
L-shaped kitchen in classic style, grey and white kitchen
Page L-shaped furniture, but chose to follow the trend shown by the Classical soft colors and subtle curves of the charm and sophistication neat cooking space. Add a small kitchen island handy for cooking and garnish food help tidy the kitchen more than.

Sweet L-shaped kitchen:

sweet L-shaped kitchen designs, Oak cabinets
sweet L-shaped kitchen design with Oak cabinets
Kitchen small but space is arranged and decorated with designs scientist L. System cabinets, oak kitchen with wall and base combined with a cream-colored floor tiles leaves create a warm space ideal for cooking time. Add the black marble texture for stovetop more gray accents and impressive personality.