Bathroom ceiling light fixtures choosing

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Often, looking at the photos of the beautiful interior slips in the idea that it's time to change something in his room. When it comes to the bathroom, you can change the faucets or the bathtub, or put a new light, and even the general atmosphere is changing.Only sometimes a standard cover or bra does not satisfy the needs of any aesthetic or qualitative lighting. Then come to the aid of the original lighting fixtures.

bathroom ceiling light fixture sizes and shapes:

Light in the tension ceiling

They can be of different sizes and formats. Most often used for bathroom false ceiling fixtures that are easy to install. However, to create a certain atmosphere is better to use embedded. They are also easy to install, but do it better in the process of repairing the ceiling. Especially good if you are going to install a suspended ceiling.

Built-in rack ceiling
what we do not see
wiring to connect
In this case, lighting displays special wiring, and leave space between the door and the main ceiling. Installation of such devices is quite a bit of time, and the result is magnificent. In particular, recessed spot lights will look great with a simulation of the sky. Because of the simplicity of the design and bright light, they look like a star, with a bathroom can be a place of rest from the constant bustle and from work.

Location of ceiling light fixtures in bathroom:

built-in tension
combination with LED backlight
ceiling lights in the interior

Recessed lighting can be arranged on request. This is their charm. That is to illuminate how the entire bathroom, and separate its areas, for example, to allocate a mirror or shower. They can be placed in a specific shape or a perimeter middle outwards, as can be seen in numerous picture web.

Bathroom ceiling light fixtures Advantages:

The advantage of recessed fixtures in the fact that, thanks to their simple design and small size, they can make all sorts of additional elements in the design of the interior with light.

Select ceiling lights snap. The main criterion is the look that you want to give the bathroom, or the emphasis you want to put in a general way.

installation of the luminaire of light fixture:

Markings on the ceiling of the place where there will be recessed ceiling lights. It is better to do a pencil or chalk.
Installing the marks fixtures with fixtures. Any recessed luminaire has a special base (rebar), which is attached.
Next, take all necessary cables. In the case of the stretch ceiling, and the main frame profile should be established.
After a ceiling-mounted, it will have to do special little holes for the wires.
Pulling the ceiling and connected wires are mounted fixtures themselves, but first put on a special plastic ring, which protects the fabric roof, not allowing him to tear. Also at the end of the dresses and decorative edging. In the end, it turns out that the hole made in the canvas ceiling in sight. And it turns out that the ceiling lights are built into the ceiling.